Product Review: Find Most Competitive Rates In Digital Currencies Exchange Market at

By Casper Brown
Published April 26, 2020 Updated April 28, 2020

Product Review: Find Most Competitive Rates In Digital Currencies Exchange Market at

The demand for crypto and virtual asset market is on an explosive growth for the past years leading to several exchange markets cropping up. These centralized exchanges offer different rates and prices for the assets with some more expensive than others. New market participants in the field struggle to determine the best exchange, which leads to them sometimes spending more than they should have on an asset.

Price aggregator,, which launched in 2007, is an e-money exchanging aggregator that provides an intuitive user interface allowing the swift conversion, comparison, and monitoring of digital currencies on multiple exchanges. The platform offers a unique and wide range of free and fast services for first stop traders who want to buy crypto.

Below we look in detail the features offered by, its advantages, and how to gain the most out of the platform.

The Challenges with Digital Asset Platforms

As explained before, the digital currency industry faces several challenges despite the increasing demand for such assets. The challenges also reflect on centralized exchanges that try to offer a trading platform for digital currencies.

Users are heavily disadvantaged with the current exchanges as simple issues such as the conversion of crypto to fiat currencies, crypto to crypto trades, converting digital currencies like PayPal USD to cash, and conversion of international remittances to liquid cash remains an issue. These issues are mainly caused by the high commissions charged by exchanges on these services, geographical and regulatory limitations, and disruptions on the exchanges from time-to-time. provides a solution to these challenges through its unique features explained below.

The Platform

According to the official website, the platform monitors exchange rates in several hundred reliable exchangers and provides an interface for users to easily compare the fees and final transaction prices. Furthermore, users can also directly make purchases and sell their crypto assets on the platform by finding the best rates available.


Apart from its longevity in the digital currency industry, the cryptocurrency Exchanger offers security intensive checks on the platform and high compliance standards before listing any exchange on the platform.

The monitoring and conversion platform also helps users in saving time to find the best rates for their digital currency trades. Furthermore, users can know from the platform whether the exchangers selected have a manual exchange, whether the rate is fixed or floating or the verification requirements on an exchange.

Features of Best

Over the years, has grown to be one of the largest comparison platforms in the digital asset space. This is a factor of the innovative and unique features the platform has implemented in the past 13 years or so. Here are some of the best features available on the website.

  • The Exchanger Monitor:’s monitor offers a real-time conversion interface for users to compare fees and prices of digital assets. The monitor employs an easy user interface to ensure the conversions are easily and quickly converted. The platform also provides high liquidity and low commission fees to users. Finally, it monitors over 100,000 digital currency pairs offering a huge selection of top digital currency payment options like Bitcoin, Ethereum, PayPal, Skrill, and Western Union too.
  • Notifications: The platform also offers an option for users to set price notifications if not wholly satisfied with the current prices and have a bit of time to wait. Once the price is hit, the user receives a notification in real-time through email or selected channels.
  • Calculator: The platform also provides a calculator for users to compare and contrast the fees and rates offered by the different exchangers.
  • Double Exchange: The exchange also allows users to exchange assets through an intermediary in a bid to reduce the costs of transactions. Instead of directly trading one asset with another, the double exchange feature exchanges the asset to an intermediary asset then to the target asset.

    Some examples of the “Double Exchange” feature (Image: BestChange)
  • Affiliate program: Finally, also offers users a rewards program for sharing their affiliate links and bringing customers to the website. Users can register for the Affiliate program here and earn up to $0.65 for each customer referred to the platform.

Digital currencies exchanged

The platform has listed a range of cryptocurrencies and other virtual currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Tron, Dogecoin, Monero, and Tether among others. Notwithstanding, also majors in other types of digital currencies such as PayPal, Payeer, Neteller, Western Union, VISA, MasterCard transactions, and wire payments among others.

You can find the full list of the assets supported by here.

How to use

The platform aggregates hundreds of crypto and digital asset pairs from highly scrutinized exchanges and pools them in a list that allows users to quickly compare and find competitive rates on the assets. Here’s how to make most of the table provided by

  1. On the left side of the website, there is a table (or drop-down menu if preferred) provided of the various assets users would like to convert. There are two columns “Give” and “Get” to compare what the user wants to exchange.

    Image: BestChange
  2. If you want to convert Bitcoin (BTC) to Litecoin (LTC), select BTC on the giving side and LTC on the take side.
  3. Once selected, click ‘Find Best Rate”.
  4. On the right side of the resulting page, a selection of rates will appear with the best rates on top.
  5. Click on your preferred exchanger.
  6. You will be directed to the exchanger’s website to complete the transaction.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Are all exchange services mentioned on BestChange trustworthy?

Every exchanger present on our website has been thoroughly checked before listing, and the BestChange team constantly monitors the due performance of exchangers. This minimizes risks when making financial transactions in exchangers listed on the monitor.

  1. What is the Inverse Exchange function for?

The “Inverse exchange” function swaps selected currencies in “Give” and “Get” fields. This can be useful to quickly estimate a margin – the difference between currency buy and sell rates, and also for monitoring the exchange market state.


The platform is now in its thirteenth year and is working on improving its features and adding more on the website. As a one-stop-shop to compare and select the best rates of trade in the digital asset world, users can quickly and efficiently select their preferred exchanges.

In conclusion, provides one of the best user interfaces, focuses on user security and transparency allowing a quick and efficient platform to exchange digital assets.


Disclaimer The presented content may include the personal opinion of the author and is subject to market condition. Do your market research before investing in cryptocurrencies. The author or the publication does not hold any responsibility for your personal financial loss.
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