Review of HollaEx 2.2, the white-label crypto software for exchanges

By Stan Peterson
Published December 2, 2021 Updated December 3, 2021

Review of HollaEx 2.2, the white-label crypto software for exchanges

In October HollaEx updated their white-label exchange. In version 2.2, builders and businesses will have better access to coin and market creation tools. The crypto tool kit offers easy pricing tools and trading interfaces as well as wallets for automatic user deposits and withdrawals.

Below, we provide a detailed account of HollaEx’s history, the pros and cons of this exchange kit software, its mechanisms for securing digital assets, the tools and functionality, operational costs, and explain a few of the unique features offered by HollaEx’s exchange kit.

What is HollaEx?

HollaEx is a white-label crypto software suite that allows you create an exchange for a wide range of DeFi and CeFi services. HollaEx was publicly announced on Cointelegraph on the 1st of January 2020, but the software’s history itself stretches as far back as 2016, and only just now has HollaEx entered the mainstream. With over 200+ exchanges operating with the exchange software, the kit has only grown in popularity along with the crypto space. The exchange kit users say that its ease-of-use is one of its defining features, and has been cited as one of the “Top White-Label Crypto Exchange Solutions” on leading fintech site TechBullion.

Holla International Ltd, a Seychelles-based company, manages the DeFi HollaEx exchange network, which was first incorporated in 2017 under the company number: 193571 – Holla International Ltd.

Pros and cons of HollaEx


  • A user-friendly set up flow for coin, market and the whole exchange platform
  • Low revenue sharing at 15% (lower for Enterprise exchanges)
  • Secure platform with specialized exchange wallet software built into IBM hardware
  • Incorporated in blockchain friendly Seychelles
  • For hosting and server management an affordable cloud exchange plan is available
  • A do-it-yourself free version on GitHub under the name HollaEx Kit


  • Execution is limited to market, stops and standard limit ordering.
  • Regulatory challenges may affect costs depending on jurisdiction 
  • New or recently released coins with low liquidity may requires activation (extra cost)

Is HollaEx safe for my crypto project?

Every business considering plugging into the blockchain will be concerned about the security of the system that they are using. However, with HollaEx’s long history in security and originally starting as an open-source system, it means the software itself has been thoroughly battle-tested for years in the digital marketplace. Moreover, as a registered company in Seychelles, HollaEx is favourably positioned in one of the most crypto-friendly jurisdictions in the world.

The platform offers a three-layer security protocol namely the Specialized Crypto Software and Hardware, Secure Trade Engine and Open Sourced Technology.

  • Specialized Crypto Software and Hardware: The digital assets are stored and handled by Vault custody software that is secured on specialized crypto IBM made hardware. The wallet is designed for high performing exchange systems and uses a multisig system to prevent attacks and loss of funds. Operators of exchanges can request to self-manage their platform by opting into an Enterprise Exchange system at any time.

“Custody software Vault is secured on specialized crypto security hardware by IBM.”

  • Secure Trade Engine: The trading engine in HollaEx is specialized for execution speed and delivers minimal latency to protect against trade slippage. Additionally, the exchange kit includes a portfolio risk management system that users can set themselves and helps reduce fat finger trades. According to HollaEx’s FAQ “The exchange software has been in production and extensively battle-tested for approximately 5 years with numerous audits.”
  • Open Sourced Technology: HollaEx’s big advantage is its time in the digital marketplace and means the software has built up a heavy resistance to cyber attacks.

    HollaEx, like any good exchange operating system, also periodically applies patches to keep the system up-to-date on the latest security standards.

    Two-factor authentication, cold storage of digital assets, multi-signature, secure service container (SSC), on-premise exchange solutions, and cryptographic hashing of passwords are just a few of the features that help keep the system secure.

After understanding what HollaEx is and the commitment given to the safety of markets and assets, we will in the next section focus on the crypto tools and functions of HollaEx 2.2.

HollaEx’s functionality and crypto tools

Although HollaEx provides an arsenal of crypto tools in one solution, it originally was only accessible to the most tech savvy people, requiring 100% self-assembly (DIY exchange). The solution now boasts an easy-to-use exchange step-by-step installation setup that includes coin and market creation as well as all the branding tools like logo uploading and website address set up. Users only need to visit the exchange setup dashboard at

Over time, HollaEx ushered in more liquid markets such as BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT that can be added to your own exchange. HollaEx also includes a system whereby anyone can add their own customized coins and tokens with a marketplace for them by just donating XHT to activate them on your exchange.

A few notable functions on the exchange kit are:

Create assets or add existing ones: Easily add ERC-20 based tokens, BEP20 tokens on BSC, TRC20 tokens on TRON and others coins and blockchain (may require activation fees).

Market set up: Create a new market by pairing your token with USDT to make COIN/USDT and or even COIN/BTC. The creation process is made simple by the “donate and active” system that only requires XHT.

Set prices (broker): On HollaEx’s recent blog they stated there will be a function that allows exchange operators and/or coin creators to set their own coin and token prices through a system called ‘OTC Broker’.

Regular orderbook markets with dynamic pricing are also available.

DeFi and staking: DeFi features like staking, NFTs and more on-chain functionality are periodically added to the kit. Along with the centralized features HollaEx will provide DeFi features alongside the CeFi features, allowing operators to provide the best of both worlds.

See all the future visit HollaEx dashboard. The HollaEx exchange dashboard also includes professional help to help others build out their crypto business.

HollaEx order types for trading

The easy-to-use exchange kit allows you to offer pro trading interfaces to your users with full orderbook driven markets, charts, market, limit and stop order types, as well as incoming OTC broker system.

The HollaEx Kit also provides a Quick-Trade style interface that is simple to use. It offers similar pricing on trade execution and can be activated alone or as a complementary interface along side the pro trading interface depending on your target audiences.

Coming HollaEx features

As HollaEx is always being updated users of the kit will be provided more features overtime. For example, as mentioned on the HollaEx Blog an OTC Broker system that allows simpler coin price management is just one of the features that will come to all exchange kit users.

As previously mentioned, DeFi* features such as staking and even swaps are slowly being rolled out.

HollaEx blog also hints towards a ‘Smart Pricing’ system for “connecting prices from centralized and decentralized price sources”. To learn more about HollaEx’s upcoming features you can read HollaEx’s blogs.

*DeFi, NFT creation and alternative market technologies are slowly being added to HollaEx.

How to get set up with HollaEx?

HollaEx only asks the user for their email address and that they complete 5-steps. The whole exchange set up takes a couple of minutes from sign up, to completion of the exchange set up. After that you’d need to decide where to host your exchange.

Much of the exchange operating system is free to use, however, activation for custom and/or new coins and markets will require donating XHT to the network.

Once users complete the set up of their exchange, they will be directed to their exchange’s hosting page and it is there that they can decide if a cloud exchange is necessary. The hosting page manages all domain and server related matters.

For those that want to host the exchange themselves, they can easily switch their hosting settings to DIY where instructions will be provided.

HollaEx Cloud exchange pricing

For those that don’t want to manage servers there is a selection of cloud plans. The plans include a bunch of automated deployment processes and hosting to help businesses go live faster and is a great way to reduce the complexity of managing your own exchange’s server security.

The Crypto Pro plan includes a free custom coin and market valued at 10,000 XHT ($3,000 USDT). To learn which plan is right for you this article does a good job covering the cloud plans.

The Basic plan is a perfect solution for the crypto enthusiast, tester and for projects on a budget. The plan is also cost effective for pitching or presenting as the exchange can be prepared in a single day. This plan includes everything needed to get started, including the defining feature that makes HollaEx special, the quick launch that automatically brings the exchange up. The Basic plan also includes a free HollaEx built in domain and customization tools for switching out the logo and guarantees that the exchange is live and ready to be shared and used online when it’s needed most.

Revenue share: 50%
Crypto Pro
Revenue share: 25%
Fiat Pro
Revenue share: 15%
  • Platform hosted with Holla cloud services
  • Built-in free domain
  • Inbuilt customization tools for theme, graphics & text
  • Includes all of basic plan features
  • Custom domain
  • Content Management
  • One free custom asset & market
  • Add HollaEx plugins
  • Includes all of basic and professional plan features
  • Add fiat assets
  • Add fiat on ramp system
  • Know your customer (KYC) system
$208 per month
(paid yearly)
$800 per month
(paid yearly)
Request a quote

HollaEx also employs around-the-clock customer care for exchanges (higher level plans only), but there are volunteer exchange engineers on the HollaEx Discord and Forums that are willing to help others get their exchange up and running.

Furthermore, on higher level plans the white-label includes customizable homepage or landing page, plugin system and even lower revenue sharing.

The non-complex and affordable nature of this self-deployable crypto kit makes it a favorite amongst novices and professionals alike.

Extra Features 


Exchange websites are no different from other websites that require good SEO in order to be found. On the HollaEx exchange dashboard, operators can add SEO data about their exchange such as the name and title, meta description data and even keywords.

For advanced users there is even a way to add SEO data through the custom code section and/or Code Inject.

Code Inject

For the pros out, the console for code injection is available and will allow for pretty much anything to be done to the exchange and works just like any other web builder tool, splitting the <HEAD> and the <BODY>.

User tier levels & trade fees

Users that trade on your exchange can have different account levels with different trading fee rates. This can be set easily within your Operator Control Panel for your exchange, also known as the ‘blue admin’. It can include a way to add unique descriptions and a list of requirements for obtaining the level. This information will be displayed to every user in their summary page.

Add other operators

You can invite helpers to your exchange through the team management page on the exchange’s Operator Control Panel. There are 5 specific team member roles, each with different levels of access to the blue admin. Simply add an email and designate a role. An email inviting the new member will be sent out with instructions on how to access the exchange’s blue admin control panel.


On the exchange dashboard there is information on all the customization features but once your exchange is live a bunch of editing features will be provided that allows the operators to rebrand their platform through the graphics, text and UI color. The best partno prior coding knowledge required!


All in all, HollaEx offers one of the best user experiences in the realm of crypto white-label software, and quite cleverly melds centralized finance with the decentralized.

This digital crypto system also offers solid cloud hosting service for exchange operators that don’t want to manage the servers. This exchange kit includes a multitude of tools for those that want to start marketing a new coin and have it delivered through a marketplace. It is also a useful tool for supplementing existing businesses who may already have a user base but just want to leverage the power of blockchain. The main strength of HollaEx is that it allows non-developers to get into the business of crypto through an easy-to-use interface.

With intuitive self-installation, industry competitive operational fees and loads of helpful online educational resources, it is no wonder why HollaEx is the most popular exchange creation system—especially for those that have a user base to please.

This exchange kit, simply put, is a masterpiece.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

With a DIY exchange (self-deployed) the on-going operational costs can be kept very minimal. But for those that need help or speed the cloud exchange plans are the best option.

For those that have more questions below are some of the commonly asked HollaEx questions.

Q: Which markets and assets can be added to my exchange?

HollaEx offers all the major markets such as BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH and even DOGE all against USDT. Full wallets for deposits and withdrawals are also included and are automatically provided to all users that sign up to your exchange.

“Also HollaEx periodically rolls out liquid markets as they become popular.

Q: How much does it cost to run HollaEx?

“For those that require assistance with their crypto business a cloud exchange is recommended which can cost as low as $208 per month when paying up front for the full year. Support is included in cloud plans but depending on the level of your plan may vary in response time.”

“For teams or tech savvy individuals it is recommended to set up the exchange kit yourself by simply downloading the HollaEx Kit and following the docs. All DIY exchanges are entirely free.”

Q: I want to know examples of successful exchanges using your solution?

“You can view projects using the HollaEx on the projects page. Alternatively, anyone can visit the HollaEx Pro Exchange, a live 24/7 trading venue with operational deposits and withdrawals.

“Anyone can try it out by simply trading on the HollaEx Pro Exchange with real crypto. To do so, simply register and login, deposit, and trade. Alternatively, anyone can view all of HollaEx’s open marketplaces.”

”For a more extensive list you can simply visit HollaEx’s FAQ.”

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