What Makes Bexplus The Go-to Destination of Beginners?

By Guest Author
Published July 13, 2020 Updated July 13, 2020
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What Makes Bexplus The Go-to Destination of Beginners?

By Guest Author
Published July 13, 2020 Updated July 13, 2020

With Bitcoin gaining more popularity around the globe, Bitcoin trading has attracted millions of traders. As a result, dozens of crypto exchanges have sprung like mushrooms in the past few years and the competition is indeed a fierce one. Although they are focused on crypto trading, the ones that survive the competition all have their special features. Today, I am going to introduce you to one of the most user-friendly crypto exchanges that I have come across. 

What is Bexplus 

Established in 2017, Bexplus is registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Traders can trade perpetual contracts on BTC, ETH, LTC, EOS, and ERP with 100x leverage. Both novice players and veterans can enjoy easy trading on Bexplus. 

100x leverage to benefit from the ups and downs of crypto

Bexplus offers 100x leverage, the highest level in the industry. Compared with spot trading, with the same amount of initial capital, traders in 100x leverage trading could open a position 100 times greater, thus multiplying the profit 100 times. 

Traders can long or short crypto on Bexplus. In such a volatile market, the bigger the price swing is, the more profits traders can take. Traders can use stop-loss and take-profit to better manage their position. 

Demo account to practice as much as you like

One of the features that set Bexplus apart is its trading simulator. Upon registration, users are given a demo account with 10 BTC. They can test the functions of the platform and try out strategies. For novice players, this is a must-have function for them to learn to trade without taking any risk. 

I have tried Bybit and BitMEX and I found that they are somewhat lacking in this department. In these two exchanges, users can use the testnet engine to learn. But I had difficulties finding them and had to search them on the search engine, and I found that they required a separate registration to access. Then I discovered that in order to use the testnet engine, I have to buy worthless Testnet Bitcoins from other channels. Although those Testnet Bitcoins are free, I still find the whole process quite tiring and annoying. 

Neat and easy-to-use interface

Bexplus has one of the most concise interfaces in the industry, meaning that you won’t easily get lost in different functions and press the wrong key. Some of the platforms I used would squeeze different kinds of indicators and tables in the interface and appear “laggy” and outdated. All the functions on Bexplus are integrated into one page. Traders could view all the information in one glance without having to scroll through the pages. 

On the left side are a variety of technical tools, including indicators and line drawing tools. You can analyze the trend and take screenshots for future reference. On the lower right is the information of your account so you can monitor your balance and avoid liquidation. 

Attentive Customer Service and Guidance

I honestly believe Bexplus has the best customer support among the exchanges I have tried. I have contacted them via different channels such as emails and live chat and they all helped me very timely and professionally. And if I don’t contact them, they would keep their distance and respect my privacy. They won’t bother me or spam my email as they stick to their no-KYC policy. Bexplus is known for its great service and I think it should be a key reason why you should choose it over BitMEX, which has been involved in quite a few scandals over the past few years. 

Besides, Bexplus provides clear guidance to users. You can go to its blog for investment analysis and news updates. Moreover, if you become a VIP customer, they will assign you your account manager. 

Clear Fee Standard

The Bexplus fee structure is very clear. They charge 0.075% for opening and closing BTC/USDT contracts. In addition to this, you will be charged an overnight interest of 0.1% of the contract value for holding a position at GMT 0:00. If you close it before GMT 0:00, you don’t have to pay the interest. In many exchanges like BitMEX, they will charge a funding fee every 8 hours.

P/L Calculator

Bexplus is equipped with a P/L calculator which I found very useful. Before opening a contract, I can calculate the estimated profit/loss and fee on it. So I can enter the trade with a clearer head. 

High Liquidity

Bexplus aggregates the data from 5 top exchanges to provide the most accurate and best possible price to traders. Orders are executed instant with little risk of slippages and overloads. The Bexplus engine has never shut down during great volatility.

Mobile Support

The powerful Bexplus apps help you trade crypto on the go. It is available on IOS & Android (Google Play). and the data is shared across different devices easily.

The mobile app includes all the functions of its desktop counterpart. You can manage your account, make deposits, withdraw money, and so on. You can set a 24/7 notification to inform you of big price swings.

The thing I like most about this app is its neat format, a trait it shares with the Bexplus web. All the necessary information is clearly listed and I can locate different tabs easily. 

100% Deposit Bonus

Bexplus offers users a 100% deposit bonus at each deposit, which is quite generous in my opinion. Even traders with several years of experience will lose money from time to time, let alone beginners. So the extra funds can increase the odds of making profits. Besides, more money as margin will lower the chances of forced liquidation.

To conclude, I do think Bexplus has its room for improvement, such as the limited trading pairs and that traders can only choose the 100x leverage. But I would recommend Bexplus to beginners or those looking for more hand-holding along the way. During my trading experience in Bexplus, I get the feeling that they genuinely care for their customers and even if you only deposit a few dollars, they will still respond to your problems in a quick and professional manner.  


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