AI Computing Network Morphware Gets Support From Harmony

By Stan Peterson
April 6, 2022 Updated April 6, 2022
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Artificial intelligence and blockchain technology make for a robust combination. Morphware, a leading peer-to-peer provider of mining computing power for AI purposes, enters a strategic partnership with Harmony. 

A New Partnership For Morphware

There is tremendous interest in combining the potential of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. Rather than relying on centralized and closed-loop systems, a blockchain can help an AI grow, evolve, and become smarter. However, the research into artificial intelligence is very computer resource-intensive, with costs growing exponentially every few months. That is a problematic endeavor that warrants a prominent solution. 

Morphware offers a solution to this pressing problem. The project embraces peer-to-peer technology to deploy AI workloads through smart contracts. The computing power used to mine cryptocurrency can be used for AI computations, fueling further artificial intelligence research and development. In addition, the Morphware technology stack runs on the Ethereum blockchain, although that network can be subject to high fees.

Morpware has partnered with Harmoney, a third-generation blockchain network, to counter that issue. Harmony has made a name for itself in decentralized finance, and the team is eager to explore other opportunities. Moreover, Harmony Network is EVM-compatible and ultra-scalable, two key aspects that make deploying Morphware on this network beneficial. As a result, the developers do not need to alter the code to provide the same service and tap into the higher efficiency Harmoney can achieve. 

Moreover, Morphware aims to provide a viable alternative to the GPU-based mining power that will soon stop being useful to Ethereum. Ethereum will switch to Proof-of-Stake, negating the need for GPU mining. Millions of devices will no longer be useful, forcing users to find alternative solutions. Devoting that power to AI workloads is a solution, as that field always needs more computing resources. 

Further Decentralization Is Crucial

Expanding to Harmony also ensures Morphware can become more decentralized. Operating across multiple blockchains and networks gives more users access to supporting the AI workload and making money. Ethereum is the biggest GPU mining network on the market today, but here are other people with powerful GPUs they may not always use, like gamers, content creators, etc. Giving those users access to the Morphware solution can benefit them and the overall AI industry.

Moreover, all AI workloads are decentralized, requiring smart contract technology to intermediate between buyers and sellers. As the overall demand for Morphware’s solution rises, the network needs to scale. Harmony provides that solution and expands Morphware’s list of compatible client platforms. 

Morphware Founder Kenso Trabing adds:

“We thank Harmony for the support offered as part of Project X. Deploying on Harmony makes a lot of sense for us as a project, since we benefit greatly from lower blockchain fees, while Harmony’s tech and liquidity stack makes it incredibly easy to deploy our platform over here.”

Project X is the partnership between Morphware and Harmony. The incubation program from Harmony was conducted during ETHDenver 2022 and allowed the Harmony team to purchase $200,000 worth of Morphware tokens. Additionally, Kenso Trabing organised a workshop at the conference to highlight the power of machine learning. 

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