Crypto Laundry: Wash your Bitcoin Transactions

By Achal Arya
March 3, 2020 Updated June 23, 2020
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Wash your Bitcoin Transactions – Bitcoin Laundry

If you are reading this, there’s a chance that you know Bitcoin doesn’t offer total anonymity. A motivated person can trace your transactions back to you. If you live in a country where Bitcoin is illegal, that means government authorities could come after you. Bitcoin Laundry offers crypto users the chance to anonymize their transactions by mixing their addresses with those of other investors. The process is quick and gives you an assurance that no one can trace your payments.Does that sound like something you would want to try? Hold on for a moment! Learn more about Bitcoin Laundry below; its fees, system and customer support and then make an informed decision. 

Bitcoin Laundry: An Overview 

In the spirit of privacy, Bitcoin Laundry doesn’t say much about its management or location. That’s common with crypto businesses, especially those that offer sensitive services like anonymizing transactions. That being said, it’s not impossible to talk to someone at Bitcoin Laundry. In case you have some questions, you can check their F.A.Q page or send an email through their support page. If you want to go straight to the mixing service, here’s the process. 

  1. Visit 
  2. Click ‘Clean Bitcoins Now’ 
  3. Start mixing by entering your Bitcoin address 
  4. Specify how fast you want your coins to be mixed 
  5. Clean your Bitcoins 

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Bitcoin Laundry offers some of the best fees in the industry: 0.0002 BTC for each payment. That means it doesn’t matter how many cryptos you want to be cleaned. Bitcoin Laundry’s fees is a standard 0.0002 (around $2). By comparison, the average fee for mixing crypto is 1% of your coins. So, if you want to mix $100,000 worth of BTC, you can expect to lose $1000. Not with Bitcoin Laundry, though. 


Like most people, you would want to anonymize your BTC transactions without leaving any traces. Bitcoin Laundry makes that possible in several ways. For starters, you don’t need to create an account. As mentioned, all you need is to visit the company’s website and enter your receiver’s address. Bitcoin Laundry will give you a unique address to send your coins. If you specified your coins be cleaned within three hours, that’s how long it will take. For added security, the company advises people to visit its website through the Onion search engine. It works best with Tor browser, so make sure you have it. If using a mobile device, you can use Orfox browser and Orbot to help you launch Tor. 

Payment Limits 

We’ve already pointed out that Bitcoin Laundry’s fee is small enough to afford for everyone. But there are certain limitations to how many coins you can mix at a time: 

  • Minimum Limit—0.0015 BTC 
  • Maximum Limit—230 BTC 

With these limits in mind, the minimum USD equivalent at press time is $12. The maximum amount is $1.965 million, a figure large enough to satisfy many high rollers. What’s more, you could also split your coins so that Bitcoin Laundry sends them to 2-5 addresses instead of one. To spice things up, you can specify the exact percentage of the money you want to be sent to each of the addresses. 

Delay Mixing to Increase Anonymity 

Theoretically, Bitcoin Laundry could mix your address with two more addresses or ten thousand of them. But which option do you think offers more anonymity? The answer is to mix your coins with as many others as possible. That’s why Bitcoin Laundry has a delay option and different time frames. The delay option, in particular, ensures your address is mixed with thousands of addresses. That way, the chance of someone identifying your transaction is almost negligible. Of course, if you need to make a payment quickly, you can skip the delay option and send your crypto instantly. Bitcoin Laundry will still clean your coins enough to keep your transaction anonymous. 

Delete Logs for More Anonymity 

Bitcoin Laundry might allow you to clean BTC without creating an account, but that’s not the only form of security most people want. Does the company keep logs? What does it do with them? Bitcoin Laundry is a centralized business, so how it handles people’s logs matters a lot. Fortunately, the company lets you delete your logs immediately after you make a transaction. That way, you eliminate all proof of using their service. In case you forget to delete your logs, the company keeps them for seven days. The reason is to have records they can refer to when providing customer support. Without these logs, there’s no way you can prove you transacted with them and they won’t be able to help you. After seven days, though, the company deletes the logs. As such, you can be assured the company doesn’t keep traders’ data for any sinister reason at all. 

Support Team is Ready to Help 24/7 

As mentioned, there are two ways to find help on Bitcoin Laundry. You can visit the F.A.Q. page and hope you get a solution to your problem. The alternative is to send an email. The company has a reputation of replying to emails quickly, usually within 48 hours. Consider emailing for help immediately you experience a problem. If it’s related to your transaction, there’s a chance you will get assistance before it’s too late. Online reviews show Bitcoin Laundry makes an effort to help users. So, if it’s something the company can do, you can be confident they will assist you. 

Stay Safe 

Because your goal is to anonymize your BTC transactions, ensure you follow safe transactions throughout the payment process. Bitcoin Laundry offers these suggestions: 

  • Use a Bitcoin Mixer consistently. That way, you’ll always be confident no one can trace your addresses.
  • Send your cleaned coins to a new address—one you’ve never used before.
  • Use Tor browser to add an extra layer of security
  • Buy crypto anonymously, be it through a cash transaction or at an ATM. In other words, don’t use a method that forces you to reveal personal and financial information.
  • Use a Trusted Mixing service


Bitcoin Laundry is a revolutionary solution that helps crypto users anonymize their transactions. It does that by mixing their addresses with those of other traders. That way, the chances that your address is linked to you are close to zero. It offers exceedingly low fees and allows you to choose how fast you want your crypto to be cleaned.

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