PR: Bitcoin of America opens Two-way Bitcoin ATM at Happy Liquors, Chicago

By Lauren
June 1, 2018 Updated April 2, 2022
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Bitcoin of America has opened a new two-way Bitcoin ATM at Happy Liquors in Chicago, IL.  Working as a traditional BTM, the machine allows the user to purchase cryptocurrency as well as sell back to the machine.

Advanced Bitcoin ATM makes its way to Chicago

Chicago, IL Bitcoin of America has opened a two-way Bitcoin ATM located conveniently at Happy Liquors, 7901 S Cottage Grove Ave, in Chicago, IL  60619. This two-way Bitcoin ATM works like a traditional BTM converting fiat currency into cryptocurrency as well as allowing the user to withdraw cash from the machine.

Users can buy bitcoin from the Bitcoin ATM or sell Bitcoin back to the machine. In addition, the Bitcoin of America Bitcoin ATM supports other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

This two-way machine follows all AML/KYC procedures by requesting the user for SMS verification and ID verification depending on buying volume.

Bitcoin of America currently has 9 Bitcoin ATM locations in Chicago, IL. With over 4 years of experience, Bitcoin of America makes it easy for customers to buy cryptocurrency through Bitcoin ATMs.

Simply find a location near you and after following a few simple instructions, users can buy Bitcoin by inserting cash into the machine and loading the Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies into your Bitcoin wallet by scanning the QR code on the receipt.

But now, with a two-way machine, users can sell cryptocurrency to the Bitcoin ATM and receive cash withdrawals. Bitcoin of America is one of only a few companies to offer this advanced feature to its customers.

About Bitcoin of America:

Bitcoin of America is headquartered in Chicago, IL. In addition to Bitcoin ATMs in Chicago, Bitcoin of America operates in Indianapolis, Baltimore, Cleveland, Colombus, Detroit, St. Louis and New Orleans. The company is looking to expand to the East Coast in cities such as Philadelphia and Washington D.C and on the West Coast in Los Angeles. Bitcoin of America makes it easy for its users to buy bitcoin.

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