CryptoTanks: The New Blockchain-based Play-to-Earn Game Making Massive Waves in the NFT Industry

By Casper Brown
November 18, 2021 Updated November 18, 2021
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The blockchain gaming industry is witnessing exponential growth beyond expectations. According to Investgame, crypto gaming companies closed a record 24 deals in H1 of 2021 alone, more than recorded in 2020. Another report revealed that the value of the gaming space was $173B in 2020; the figure is expected to double by 2026. This shows that blockchain gaming has revolutionized the gaming industry.

Several play-to-earn blockchain games have emerged in recent months and recorded varying degrees of success, from the popular Axie Infinity to StarAtlas. There’s much development in the space, and the massive demands will continue to force game developers to develop new gaming projects. This is because the concept of blockchain gaming is unique, and players enjoy it when they can control their assets and earn passively while interacting with other gamers.=

Crypto Tanks is one of the latest play-to-earn projects that have caught the attention of online gamers. The game, built on Ethereum and the Polygon chain, leverages NFT to maximize a player’s income. So, what is this game all about?

CryptoTanks Game Explained

CryptoTanks follows Axie Infinity’s footsteps and other play-to-earn games in terms of infrastructure and not gameplay. Looking at the game, you may see some similarities with the popular Battle City Game for Nintendo consoles that dominated the late 1980s and 1990s. That’s because Crypto Tanks is built on the same concept. However, there are notable differences, such as more locations, missions, tank battle modes, and most importantly, the NFT gaming incentives. Call CryptoTanks a rebrand of a cult classic.

Crypto Tanks Gameplay and Earnings

The game comes in a bit of a nostalgic design but is beautiful. The 8-bit gameplay is enthralling, intuitive, and more modern than the Battle City graphics. This makes it convenient for gamers of all ages to play. However, you should expect the scenery to alter from time to time. Some gamers may have issues with this, but it is totally cool.

CryptoTanks enable gamers to earn tokens during gameplay. The game offers two game modes – solo and team-based. Each game mode automatically awards players with $TANK tokens after completing missions, participating in battles, upgrading their machines’ value, etc. You also earn a commission of the lender’s winnings if you rent your tank. Every in-game asset is an NFT, and players can trade that for real money. Your winnings are completely safe since the game is powered by smart contracts. Players can stake their tokens for more rewards. Every time a tank NFT is traded on the marketplace, there will be a 3% fee which will be burned. This will make the token deflationary. Furthermore, the burn mechanism will also apply to the shop where users can upgrade or buy addons to their Tanks.

Some may ask, how can one play the game? The game is pretty understandable. Gamers are required to buy NFT tanks and then play to upgrade the tanks and sell them. The more levels you attain, the more your tank becomes valuable. Every time a tank NFT is traded on the marketplace, there will be a 3% fee which will be burned. Furthermore, the burn mechanism will also apply to the shop where users can upgrade or buy addons to their Tanks. This will make the token deflationary. The game features three types of battles: Rating battles, Token battles, and Money battles. The Rating battle only rewards the player with experience points but not $TANK. In Token battles, players earn $TANK tokens, while the Money battle allows you to share in some monetary rewards if they succeed in their quest.

Advantages of CryptoTanks

  • CryptoTanks provides users with endless opportunities to earn. Players can profit in various ways, such as earning commissions from renting tanks and completing missions.
  • Regardless of the battle’s outcome, players still earn $TANK. So, your playtime still earns you money.
  • With every battle won, you earn more experience points. This improves your tank’s technical characteristics and boosts its value in the market. Selling it will maximize your profit.
  • Thanks to the gamified yield farming product feature, gamers can earn rewards that can be converted to fiat currencies. By staking your $TANK tokens, you earn rewards that can help you during in-game purchases.
  • The game is readily accessible, and this is one of the objectives of the makers. You can play the game on your Mac OS system, Android devices, and Windows. iOS users will be slightly annoyed by the big exclusion.
  • Players are in complete control of their assets and can enjoy all the benefits offered by the game.

How to Participate in the Game

  • You’ll have to download the Crypto Tanks app on your device from the Google Play Store or Windows. The game is also available for Mac OS desktop users.
  • Get a tank to start playing. You can either buy the tank in-game or rent from another player if you are low on budget.
  • That’s it! You are all set to play and earn.

CryptoTanks is an innovative blockchain-powered game that will not only pave the way for more NFT adoption but help gamers earn while playing. Compared to traditional mainstream games, CryptoTanks provides incentives to gamers. For more information about this game, join the waitlist here, participate in CryptoTanks’ airdrop, and follow CryptoTanks on social media for more updates: Telegram, Discord, Twitter.

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