Decoin Exchange Launches Dtrade, a Crypto-based Social Trading Platform

By Abhinav Agarwal
Published April 27, 2021 Updated April 27, 2021
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Decoin Exchange Launches Dtrade, a Crypto-based Social Trading Platform

By Abhinav Agarwal
Published April 27, 2021 Updated April 27, 2021

Community-focused cryptocurrency exchange, Decoin has launched its social trading platform dubbed Dtrade. Essentially, Dtrade is the new innovative and transparent pro-social trading platform that is designed for the new digital currency era we live in. The platform provides a way for the members of the cryptocurrency community to come together and trade with real professional traders, streaming their best strategy online and live.


Completing trades in the digital currency ecosystem and making no loss is a take of only a few experts in the space. The volatility inherent in digital assets like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and more often poses a real challenge to the majority of traders. Investors new to the crypto ecosystem are particularly prone to these volatility risks, a situation that keeps many out. However, Dtrade’s social trading platform can help turn the tables around.


By watching expert professions trade, the Dtrade platform makes it easy to copy the strategies of these pro traders while learning directly from them. The Dtrade pro-Social trading platform has taken communications and sharing to an all-new level, and for the benefit of all. With the platform, you can just watch live sessions to gain insights into how things work. Additionally, you can also place trades directly, and you can join the revolution and auto trade with specific traders’ live.

Dtrade Presents a Mutually Beneficial Social Trading Engagement

The Dtrade social trading platform offers a mutually beneficial engagement for all the parties involved. While the new users benefit from the easy-to-use interface and learn wealth-building strategies from real experts, the professionals themselves are offered the right kind of exposure that befits their public reputations.

The digital currency ecosystem is dynamic, with several new trends shaping events in the space by the hour. With the exposure Dtrade and the listed professional’s offer, aggregating the influence of both fundamental and technical analysis which are vital for successful trading decisions can easily be garnered from the live sessions. Some trends produce similar impacts and watching the previous or recorded sessions can equally turn out to be worth the invested time in the long run.

With Dtrade, the knowledge is ever-expanding, and neither participant goes home without learning something new.

3 Highlighted Impact Dtrade’s Social Trading Can Fuel

As noted thus far, social trading can be an invaluable way to attract traditional investors or new entrants into the market to gain exposure to learn key market trends before jumping into the volatile wide oceans. Specifically, Dtrade’s social trading offerings can help;

  • Prevent undue loss due to bad trading decisions,
  • Prevent scams and theft, and;
  • Save costs as it comes with costless trading fees.

With Dtrade, the risk of losing your funds based on a poor market judgment can be averted as you will be copying traders who fully understand the market. Scams abound in the digital currency ecosystem which can come in many forms. Some exchanges may close their business due to insufficient funds or other reasons, but with Dtrade, backed by the trusted Decoin exchange, such incidences can be averted.

In general, the low or costless trading fees by the social trading platform make it an economically viable option for anyone willing to save on transaction costs. 

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