EMCD – the Biggest Mining Pool in CIS Reduces its Mining Commission Plan and Offers its Own Data Center Close to China

By Stan Peterson
Published October 1, 2021 Updated October 1, 2021

EMCD – the Biggest Mining Pool in CIS Reduces its Mining Commission Plan and Offers its Own Data Center Close to China

By Stan Peterson
Published October 1, 2021 Updated October 1, 2021

EMCD, a worldwide-operating mining pool, has introduced a 30% commission discount in light of the latest Chinese regulatory crackdown that has affected or restricted the operations of several major industry players. The new commission plan will remain in effect during a user’s entire period of mining operations in the pool.

While affected giants like Spark-Pool and BeePool strive to weather the unexpected storm, their clients’ needs and interests have to be addressed by a reliable service provider capable of withstanding the current circumstances. Therefore,  EMCD is focusing on the high quality of its services and seeking to establish a long-term collaboration with its clients. 

New clients are welcomed to connect their mining facilities with a lifetime commission rate that has been reduced by 30%. As such, the new commission rate is 1.05%. To claim the offer, users need to use the promotion code FREECRYPTO when signing up.

While it is the biggest mining community in Eastern Europe, CIS and Russia, EMCD’s services are not limited to these regions, with thousands of clients joining the pool from all over the world. One of the key benefits EMCD offers to its clients is multilingual support that is always ready to help. The average response time is 5 minutes, so no request is left unanswered.

The user-friendly interface of the Personal Account is another great advantage prized by EMCD clients. With the easy-to-use tools and options of the Personal Account even inexperienced users can quickly get familiar with the website.

The EMCD pool currently offers mining for seven top-rated assets including LTC, DOGE, BTC and ETH. All the above assets except ETH and ETC are offered with no minimum threshold barrier, giving all miners the green light regardless of their power capacity. The EMCD multi-pool is fully compatible with sha256, Scrypt, Ethash, and X11 algorithms.

Another vital option available for miners who are suffering from the ban due to their location is the new EMCD data center. Based near Baikal Lake (in the Irkutsk region of Russia), it has a well-set infrastructure for the deployment of mining equipment and maintenance as well as a low electricity cost. The center’s short distance from China makes it possible to ping the EMCD servers quickly. EMCD offers comprehensive support both for mining equipment transfers and day-by-day equipment servicing. 

When reached, Mikhael Jerlis, CEO and Founder of EMCD, emphasized the company’s total ability to cover the needs of unsettled miners affected by the recent restrictions: 

“We believe that blockchain, and, particularly, cryptocurrencies both unveil the future of a global economy, and the regulatory hurdle shouldn’t be a barrier in a decentralized world. We warmly welcome miners from all around the globe to join EMCD pools, providing them with the best possible conditions with no hassle.”

The offer will be available until October 31, so all mining power owners seeking a reliable and robust pool to join will have enough time to get on board. 

About EMCD

EMCD is a crypto mining ecosystem offering a wide range of services from mining pools and software engineering to the deployment of mining equipment and turn-key maintenance. The company operates its own mining infrastructure with full-scale mining equipment maintenance services. Additionally, EMCD offers smooth and transparent investing plans with an average repayment period of 6 months. Apart from this, EMCD offers Coinhold – an investment tool designed to increase investor capital. Currently, Coinhold has a 4.2% APY.

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