How FBC Funds FBC14 ALGORITHM Is Helping Investors to Make High Gains?

By Guest Author
Published January 25, 2021 Updated January 25, 2021
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How FBC Funds FBC14 ALGORITHM Is Helping Investors to Make High Gains?

By Guest Author
Published January 25, 2021 Updated January 25, 2021

The FBC Fund is a British investment platform that offers its investors trust management of finances. The platform also uses their funds for trading on the stock exchange with the unique algorithm called FBC14.

The Fund is known for its investments in the DeFi sector, such as Yearn Finance. We also should mention the recent acquisition of 20% of coins from VectraCoin.

What is the reason behind the 300% growth in a few months?

First of all, the company invests in new tokens and ICOs. And it’s known that they usually increase by hundreds or even thousands percent after entering the market. The Yearn Finance Protocol, for instance, grew by 7000% in the first week, and that’s the income for investors.

Anyone can become an investor of the FBC platform, there are no restrictions on countries. The minimum investment is $50. You’re also free to select a plan (there’re 5 of them). They differ in income: from 0.5% of the deposit per day and up to 3% per day. The yield depends on the amount of money invested: in order to get 3%, you should invest $10,000 minimum.

The company also offers the affiliate program. By inviting people, you can earn even more and build your own structure within the company. FBC’s plans include attracting the best partners from different parts of the world and opening local and representative offices.  

We wanted to check if the information presented on the site was true:

1) The company claims that it’s officially registered, and it’s easy to check – by visiting the UK Companies House website you can see that FBC is a real company and that it even has a license to carry out its activities. 

2) What about the hotline and the office? Let’s check, shall we? The phone support answered all our questions and was extremely polite and nice despite our annoying persistence. In the office we were invited for a cup of coffee and we had a nice conversation with the client manager David. 

3) The company and its office are real, but what about the safety of funds? David told us that there’s nothing to worry about due to the insurance fund. In case of unforeseen circumstances, all investors will surely receive their initial deposits. Plus, using the FBC14 algorithm, the company earns even more, than what is paid to the investors, so there’s always a so-called financial cushion.

4) We desperately tried to find at least one negative review about the company. You know, a deceived customer, or something like that, but we didn’t find any mention of the company in a bad light.

It occurs that many people who don’t believe the FBC are simply mistaken. There’s just no reason not to believe the Fund, because investments at an early stage at least in Yearn Finance already show the company’s competence. The Fund’s current goal is to keep looking for the best projects, invest in them at the earliest stages and provide a huge profit for the company and its investors. It can be compared to the bitcoin investments in 2011.


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