By Stan Peterson
February 12, 2022 Updated February 12, 2022

SingaporeHBK DOP&SLINTEC join hands with NEXUMFOUNDATION (NEXM) to introduce Advanced Graphene Technology backed by world’s first Graphene security token offering to increase transparency and carbon neutral digitization in the supply chain across the seas.

Graphene is world’s most desired NanoTech material, derived predominantly from preciousvein Graphite (“black gold”), that’s only found in Sri Lanka.

Graphene is poised to replace the current silicon-based chipsets in the next evolution of Electric Vehicles’ batteries.

HBK CNI – a fully owned subsidiary of HBK DOP is partnering up with Nexum Foundation to develop the world’s first Graphene security token offering (GSTO) aiming to facilitate the rapid adoption of Graphene as a carbon combatting element and also introduce carbon-backed financing facilitating research, production and technology adoption worldwide.

SLINTEC, lead senior science spokesperson/head of technology transfer Dr. Lakshitha Pahalagedara said

“we are very excited to partner with NEXUM Foundation and HBK Ceylon Nano Technologies to explore Graphene as a material that can pave the way for many Carbon removal technologies and groundbreaking ocean cleaning work. We are eager to enter into this strategic partnership with NEXUM Foundation that focuses on shipping blockchain technology that will drive our proprietary tech in mass adoption across the worldwide maritime supply chains and economies”

“By working with HBK CNI , NEXUM Foundation will accelerate both precious material science backed token play and also will unlock precious mineral backed liquidity for future focused holders” said, HBK DOP Group CEO Anwar Hussein.

HBK CNI has secured, cutting-edge billions of dollars valued Patented Graphene Nano Platelets production formula with SLINTEC and also currently securing multi-year agreements to create value additions to Sri Lankan Vein Graphite – the highest and the purest form of Carbon form on earth at 97% – 98% purity and converting this rare mineral to Graphene Nano platelets and ocean-cleaning technology based on Graphene oil.This agreement is bringing together the key constituent parts for the successful value capture and realization of this Graphene-backed token.

A technological royalty:

–  a right to receive payment based on a percentage of mineral production and tech utilization or of the revenues or profits generated from the sale of those goods in the future.

Taking the traditional mining royalty finance model, revenue share model and combining it with an innovative digital financing wrapper in the form of aGraphene-backed Security Token Offering (GSTO) could provide a very attractive business model for both mining companies and Graphene end user companies who wish to strengthen their treasuries by raising capital and for investors in the sector.

“We are excited to work with HBK DOP & SLINTEC and its extensive innovations on this paradigm shifting technologies which includes carbon nano platelets, Carbon Nano Membranes and Graphite usages. The Ocean Cleaning Technology they have invented with Graphene will be a game changer for worldwide oil spillages and oil and water separation at sea. Thus, NEXUM Foundation is proud to launch this game changing global environmental impact project with them. We are very impressed with their focus and international impact and the footprint projects Graphene will bring.

With our NEXUM supply chain blockchain and working with innovative ports and terminals we can jointly promote the benefits of a truly global digitally connected supply chain for Graphene and introduce NEXM Carbon Utility token with actual use cases for carbon emission and also revenue backed by ground breaking science and research that will elevate worldwide shipping, Ocean cleaning and also carbon capture”, said Dr. Panos Georgolios,NEXUM co-founder.

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