PR: ICO, Crypto Derivatives Ecosystem to showcase Demo in coming week

Published June 3, 2018 | Updated July 25, 2018

PR: ICO, Crypto Derivatives Ecosystem to showcase Demo in coming week

The past year saw blockchain based digital currency and tokens market cross $800 billion mark before it plunged down to less than half this value. Believers of cryptocurrencies have remained undeterred as newer coins, tokens as well as trade exchanges are still popping up everyday.

Volatile as ever, the crypto trading market though still far from the maturity of traditional markets, is seeing new financial instruments being introduced much akin to its traditional counterpart. Unlike traditional exchanges, which host a diverse derivatives market for various kinds of assets, there is no consolidated crypto exchange providing a wide variety of derivatives products as well as supporting tools for their seamless trading.

In this landscape, is a promising candidate to disrupt the trading scene. The International Digital Asset Platform,, is the first complete Derivatives Ecosystem for Crypto Assets. The platform is offering multiple and a wide variety of crypto derivatives products, a unique interface with the power of ‘point-and-click’ accessible via a Desktop Application and a novel Simulation Trading Environment to educate new crypto traders.

Derivatives products see huge trade volumes in traditional markets and are great in deepening market liquidity; offering a consolidated marketplace for different kinds of derivatives for crypto assets is an ambitious attempt at both creating and capturing a market at the same time which can potentially  pull off, given the thorough representation of the ideas behind the vision of its team in the project’s White Paper.

The demo for the desktop platform will be showcased this week, giving a glimpse into the trading interface through which users will engage with the exchange.

The token private sale has begun. Want to know about the ICO? Check out’s official website for more information.

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