India’s State Ministry Discusses their Big Crypto Move with Founders of India Crypto Bulls

Published March 30, 2020 | Updated March 31, 2020

India’s State Ministry Discusses their Big Crypto Move with Founders of India Crypto Bulls

The Crypto ecosystem in India is quietly gaining traction soon after the historic decision by the honorable supreme court of India.

In fact, there’s no doubt that the decision of setting aside the crypto banking ban becomes a way forward for international investors and the country’s own renowned investors to invest in Indian crypto and blockchain startups. In addition to this, the decision also paved the way for the country’s crypto proponents in the regulatory regime to step forward with their crypto innovative movement in India.

While the crypto banking ban circular issued by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in 2018 had almost killed several crypto companies and hopes of investors, the removal of the crypto banking ban by Apex court and a recent ‘crypto regulatory report’ shared by Bloomberg Quint reinstated the hope of crypto innovation in the country.

That being said, India Crypto Bulls is a catalyst to onboarding the billion Indian users to the emerging crypto and blockchain ecosystem. Initiated by London based Cashaa and a Dubai based O1Ex, India Crypto Bulls is a nationwide roadshow to be held across 14+major cities of India. The initiative is led by Kumar Gaurav and Gaurav Dubey with a vision to foster the crypto innovation and bring mass crypto adoption in the second largest populated nation.

As per the initial plan, India Crypto Bulls was scheduled for 15 Days from April 03-April 24 across 14+ cities – however, with the directives from the health ministry due to the current Corona pandemic, India Crypto Bulls decided to postpone the scheduled event. While the new dates are still in consideration, the team behind India Crypto Bulls is constantly working to take crypto adoption to the Indian masses.

India Crypto Bulls meets Rajasthan Minister

The founding team of India Crypto Bulls had the privilege to meet Amin Pathan, the Chairman of Dargah Committee, Dargah Khwaja Saheb, Ajmer (Ministry of Minority Affairs) and Vice President at Rajasthan Cricket Association discussed his views concerning crypto development, investment, and innovation within the country. The meeting notes that the state is looking to host a conference with participants including Indian administrative service officers who are concerned and relevant with the key affairs relating to bitcoin and other digital assets financial services.

Moreover, the upcoming conference in the state by Rajasthan minister will also comprise of training sessions on compliance, how cryptocurrency investment can be matured, precautions that an investor has to follow before dealing or planning to invest in cryptocurrency and several other factors. That being said, they believed India crypto bulls’ roadshow is closely aligned with their vision of hosting upcoming conferences.

A sportsman turned Minister and Chairperson of the pious ‘Ajmer Sharif Dargah’, Amin Ji is a leader to look up to for his forward-thinking and love for technology. We are sure that India Crypto Bulls will be able to spread the right knowledge on CryptoCurrencies in Rajasthan with tremendous outreach, under his wise guidance, said Gaurav Dubey, CEO & Managing Partner, O1ex.

Reiterating on a similar note, Kumar Gaurav, the Founder and CEO of Cashaa states that;

I found Shri. Amin Pathan Ji an inspiration for youth in India and aboard who lost hope from Indian politicians. After meeting Aminji, I feel confident that under his leadership and with the backing of BJP, emerging technologies like Blockchain will get the strong support of Indian govt, elaborated Kumar Gaurav, adding that he was also very kind to join my birthday party and shared his vision of corruption-free and youth empowered India with ICB team. I and the entire ICB team are excited to have him onboard on India crypto bulls roadshow.

Consequently, the meeting concluded with a futuristic talk on crypto adoption and development in India. In addition to this, the ministry invited India Crypto Bulls to Rajasthan as a way to emphasize on the crypto discussion.

It was a pleasure meeting Honorable Mr.Amin Pathan and had a brief discussion about Trade Dog, said Ateeq Farooqui, Co-founder, TradeDog. He was quite impressed with the way TradeDog is leading the project and got some very bright suggestions from him that in the coming days TradeDog is going to implement in their system to impart the right knowledge to their users and at last, I would really like to thank him for his valuable time.

It’s worth noting that the recent meeting with Mr.Amin took place the next day of the strategic meetup for the roadshow of India Crypto Bulls which was held on March 15 with crypto leaders. It’s worth noting that the Indian crypto leaders, influencers, project owners and exchange founders have proactively contributed their insights and opinions on what steps could be the next big change for the entire Indian crypto ecosystem.

In a nutshell, India Crypto Bulls with their close interaction with these leaders and regulatory authorities are all set to bring the new wave of crypto movement in India.

Stay tuned to know the revised dates of the crypto roadshow.

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