Top 5 IOTA Faucets – All You Need to Know

By Azman Nabi
Published August 30, 2019 Updated June 23, 2020
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Top 5 IOTA Faucets – All You Need to Know

By Azman Nabi
Published August 30, 2019 Updated June 23, 2020

Top 5 IOTA Faucets

Cryptocurrencies have bought a lot of new concepts to the world which were never seen or heard of previously.


Crypto faucets in one such tool which pulls a lot of people towards its due to its free offerings and has also become a great way to advertise and market a coin. For people who are unaware, crypto faucets are web pages or sites that provide cryptos in exchange for completing micro tasks like viewing ads or solving small puzzles or captchas.

There have been various faucet websites that have become famous and has attracted a lot of people towards them but not all of been actually profitable due to an unplanned activity or working on faucets that dispensed not so valuable coins.

While in initial years all faucets concentrated towards Bitcoins only, in recent years a lot of altcoin faucets have popped up and has glued a lot of enthusiast to them. Among these altcoins, IOTA faucets also have gained a lot of traction as a lot of people believe IOTA could be the coin that could have a big price leap in years to come.

What is IOTA?

IOTA was invented by under the IOTA Foundation which successfully made a crypto market debut in around 2015.

The whole aim of the project and the coin was to enable the internet of things. The founding company behind the project, IOTA foundation is a not for profit organization, and has the complete responsibility of how the network is functioning and how will it continue to grow in the future. The foundation also has the responsibility of making any strategic partnership that is in the betterment of the project. While the development is going great, the project has already grown and forged some excellent partnerships with major companies across the globe that includes Volkswagen, Samsung, Bosch, and Fujitsu.

According to many analysts on the street, IOTA as technology is quite revolutionary as it tries to create a new data transfer and transaction settlement layer for the internet of things (IoT) which itself has been touted as the future of technology. The coin is based on a new distributed ledger technology (DTL) which is called as the Tangle and is believed to overcome the shortcomings and inefficient design faults of current blockchains. This means there is no mining required since there is no blocks and blockchains. Instead, IOTA brings in an extremely new way of coming to consensus which actually is a peer to peer system and completely decentralized.

With the aim to eliminate the blocks system, the IOTA’s tangle is trying to find solutions towards better scaling options. On Tangle, every transaction creator needs to do some computational work and approve at least two previous transactions before his transaction goes through. This can be seen as a transacting in IOTA without any fees which can be treated as a reward for collaborating and helping others and securing the network.

The IOTA Tangle Illustrated
– The IOTA Tangle Illustrated

Why the Community Is Optimistic About IOTA?

IOTA is considered to have a bright future amongst other cryptocurrencies because it is facility a thing that itself is touted to be the future of technology- The Internet Of Things.

The project team has been taking all the right steps to prove that it will be the coin of the future. The fundamental steps that the team has been taking actually attracting a lot of people in buying IOTA and keeping active its faucets as well.

  • Great Partnerships: Team IOTA has got a lot of great partnerships that can bring its use to the real world – a dream that most crypto projects are wanting for. Its CISCO, Samsung, Volkswagen have picked IOTA to test its technology. In fact, even the City of Taipei is testing IOTA to issue ID cards to its citizens which will be based on Tangle.
  • IoT is the next big thing: IoT is everywhere and so could be its facilitator the IOTA and that why the world is slowly getting behind it. It is expected that B2B spending on IoT technologies, software, apps and solutions will reach €250B ($267B) by 2020. And that’s the kind of market IOTA is addressing to.
  • Superior Technology: At the time when even the biggest of the blockchains are not been able to stay a bay from problems and are struggling, IOTA has just given the world a solution that can be a good alternative. So IOTA is not just giving an alternative technology but something is that is more prominent and a notch above.

While there is still a lot of work to be done by the team on IOTA and its Tangle, but there is enough meat in the game that is keeping everyone hooked to the coin and that’s why a lot of people are getting attached to IOTA faucets. Hence we thought of bringing them to you the best where you can get you free IOTAs.

Best IOTA Faucets

In a single view here are the best IOTA Faucets and their key features –

Name of The Faucet Major Features
  • Requires very little or practically no work from the user.
  • It’s very simple and easy to use 
  • The faucet is one of the best payers and without restrictions
  • Doesn’t delay payments which are usually within a day.
  • Helps people learn and understand about IOTA and Tangle.
  • A request form needs to be filled for withdrawal
  • Once a day withdrawal
  • Limits chances of fraud as further instructions are sent over an email to act on 
IOTAFaucet Reddit
  • It distributes rewards to users when they post in the sub.
  • It requires very less work to be done by the user
  • Extremely simple and easy to use for users
  • The faucets give out good pay of about 20 IOTA per post
  • It allows six posts per day limit
IOTA Boombitcoins
  • The user needs to work every 5 minutes to solve a new Captcha.
  • The faucet is very user-friendly 
  • The payout f the faucet is decent and pays up to 1200 per hour
  • Once a user reaches 100,000 IOTA, they can request a withdrawal and the payout is done in 12 hours 
IOTAlottery Reddit
  • The lottery allotment is only one ticket for one user
  • The cost per ticket is +10,000 IOTA
  • The lottery draw happens only once a month 

1. MioneIOTA

This a faucet website which actually makes users mine Monero and pays them in IOTA. This is the case with most IOTA faucets which askes its users to mine Monero for IOTA since Monero is still a blockchain and IOTA is not. But what makes MioneIOTA different it requires very less work from the user. It is also one of the best paying faucets condition being the mining power that the user’s system can provide. The faucet also pays out immediately and has no daily limit for withdrawals

2. IOTAfaucet

This faucet is an experimental and beta project which was created with an aim to develop an actual faucet so that it can dispense free IOTA’s for distribution and also let more people to get educated and acquainted about IOTA, its Tangle technology and how it is different. Being experimental the faucet has some rules which are slightly different like every user is expected to withdraw only ones a day and to receive the coins, the user has to fill in and submit the withdrawal request form. Post which the user will get the email about the instructions

3. IOTAFaucet Reddit

Another faucet that gives users fairly decent pay with no much work to do. The interface of the website is super simple and is very easy to navigate. The faucet asks its users to post a new post with the current phrase and receive their free tokens. Every user gets six posts per day limit. The pay from the faucet is pretty decent and for every post, the users get up to 20 IOTA.

4. IOTA Boombitcoins

Boombitcoins is one of the best-paying sites for IOTA and gives users a chance to draw more than 100,000 IOTA with a payout in less than 12 hours. To maximize its payout a user needs to make a claim of 100 IOTA for 1000 times. The faucet requires users to make an effort every five minutes and thus keeps the user quite busy and, on the toes, every five minutes. Even with the effort of every five minutes, the faucet is pretty easy to use and so its navigation across the website.

5. IOTAlottery Reddit

This faucet is built like a lottery where all is dependent on luck. This lottery draw takes place only once a month and definitely if the user likes the lottery system and its excitement around it. The lucky winner of this lottery is paid in IOTAs which can be exchanged get cash anytime the user wants. For a user participate and get a ticket to participate in the lottery, they need to deposit 10000 IOTA. This faucet is considered to be a good investment for risk-takers.

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It is quite clear that IOTA is a coin that could stay here for a while and people are going hunt for more and more faucets as they find worth in IOTA. It is still difficult to find a pure IOTA faucet as the coin is not minable but still with all the activity associated and as far as users get IOTA, it’s pretty good.

The presented content may include the personal opinion of the author and is subject to market condition. Do your market research before investing in cryptocurrencies. The author or the publication does not hold any responsibility for your personal financial loss.
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