Liberty Gaming Guild Core Team Announces The Onboarding of Maurizio Barbieri

By Stan Peterson
February 14, 2022 Updated February 14, 2022
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Liberty Gaming Guild, a next-generation “play-to-earn” guild, has appointed Maurizio Barbieri as its Chief Commercial Officer in a tweet put out recently. Liberty Gaming Guild aims to act as a gateway for gamers, providing access to expensive NFTs within the blockchain gaming sector as well as a learning opportunity for gamers in this new P2E gaming era. The primary goal of the Liberty Gaming Guild is to lower the barrier to participation in blockchain gaming projects by providing equal opportunities to gamers worldwide, regardless of their background. Furthermore, it intends to play an active role in the adoption of blockchain technology and DeFi with training and educational programs across various spheres of blockchain technology application, such as CeFi, Cryptocurrency, and NFTs.


By actively contributing to and engaging the next generation of gaming projects, Liberty hopes to become the “go-to guild” in the blockchain gaming sector. Liberty also intends to be a leading investor in the blockchain gaming sector, and the addition of Maurizio Barbieri demonstrates the company’s commitment and dedication to becoming the number one guild in the blockchain gaming sector. 

Maurizio Barbieri, a self-described “giant nerd,” has been appointed Chief Commercial Officer within the Liberty core team. Maurizio, who has worked for some of the world’s largest tech and media companies, hopes to bring invaluable experience, vision, and an unwavering commitment to growth, development, and relationship building. Given his stellar career in digital media, the addition of Maurizio Barbieri speaks volumes. 

A little background on Maurizio reveals that he has always been interested in cutting-edge technology, sports, and media. His first stint was as a professional basketball coach before transitioning to the digital field in 1999. Maurizio began his stellar media career at MP web, the digital arm of the Media Partners Group, where he played a key role in MP web’s rise as a market leader in media content distribution and production. 

Maurizio has built a reputation as a thinker who creates visions and plans to help create opportunities and solve problems. As a result, he has made a name for himself as a top professional in the sports and gaming industries. 

He worked across Europe and Asia from 2008 to 2012, which led to a new chapter in his career in which he founded and raised capital for two startups. After four eventful years, Maurizio returned to Asia, accepting the position of head of sports for Samsung Asia in Singapore and assisting in the creation and launch of the prestigious Samsung SportsFlow. 

In 2017, Maurizio joined Twitter to help grow sports and gaming communities and ecosystems. He had a significant impact on the company by generating new revenue streams from content creation by developing programs for the Southeast Asian audience, giving them new ways to make money and connect with their communities. 

Maurizio’s new chapter with Liberty Gaming Guild aims to guide them to the same level of success he has had throughout his career. He joins the Liberty Gaming Guild core team to help them lower the entry barrier to blockchain-based games such as Axie Infinity by lending in-game NFTs to its dedicated community gamers (‘scholars’). The addition of Maurizio heralds a new era for the Liberty Gaming Guild, as they take another giant step toward their goals.

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