[Sponsored] New cryptocurrency PLC Ultima: passive income, minting and its own ecosystem

By Achal Arya
December 20, 2021 Updated December 20, 2021
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If you follow the cryptoindustry news, you could hardly have missed the birth of such an impressive and unusual project as PLC Ultima.

It is based on minting technology, which allows you to generate new coins without special equipment and consuming lots of energy. Thanks to minting, for which you only need a smartphone and Internet access, you can start mining cryptocurrency and make money right now. This is exactly what the creators of PLC Ultima hoped for, providing users with favorable opportunities to create passive income. But first things first.

Everything we know about PLCU cryptocurrency

The founders of the project say that the global mission of PLCU is to improve the standard of living of people around the world, making sure that cryptocurrencies become a universal means of payment, and everyone can have access to financial instruments for earning, regardless of their location, level of education and experience.

Moreover, all these ideas are supported by a developed infrastructure on which PLCU has been working since 2016. So the ecosystem of the project already includes more than fifteen popular products, including its own crowdfunding platform based on minting and blockchain, a marketplace where you can buy and sell for crypto, and even a whole payment system, which is currently under development.

All this makes using PLC Ultima coins simple and convenient. The exchange rate also continues to grow, although trading began relatively recently. Feedback on PLCU is 97% positive, which is tempting. However, the most impressive are the following project innovations:

  • POS terminals are essentially cash registers with which you can buy goods with cryptocurrency. PLC Ultima has already launched a pilot project in which such terminals are gradually starting to appear in stores around the world, starting with Germany.
  • Crypto cards are analogous to bank cards, but use crypto. Several thousand PLCU users are already testing such crypto cards.
  • Vending machines allow you to buy or sell goods without the participation of the seller. Of course, they also use cryptocurrency.

Passive income with PLCU

Usually, earning on cryptocurrencies is limited to keeping the cryptocurrency on the account until its rate increases and the cryptocurrency can be sold at the best price. However, PLC Ultima, using the same minting technology, offers to create a stable source of real passive income.

In practice, minting is similar to keeping money in a bank account: you keep a certain amount of coins in your wallet that you cannot use for a while, and you are paid interest for this. The same goes for PLC Ultima: the user decides how much they are ready to freeze on the account, and choose the period (from one to three years). After this period, the coins are unfrozen, and the user receives them along with the new ones mined. Both those and other coins can be used in the future like any others.

So, to create passive income with PLCU, you need to:

  1. Install Ultima WALLET on your device
  2. Download the free Ultima Farm app that launches minting
  3. Purchase a digital Ultima Minter certificate to start minting (the more certificates you purchase, the more new coins you will get)
  4. Freeze a certain number of coins in the wallet and press “START”

A smart contract, concluded at the start of minting, guarantees timely payments and the safety of all operations.

After studying and testing the project, we agree with the reviews on PLC Ultima, which say that it is not just a coin. It’s an ecosystem with which everyday life becomes much easier and more profitable!

Visit PLC Ultima official website.

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