#PR:TFLOW Blockchain Announces Its Presale with 360 Investors Already on Board and $630k Raised

By Stan Peterson
Published January 14, 2022 Updated January 14, 2022

#PR:TFLOW Blockchain Announces Its Presale with 360 Investors Already on Board and $630k Raised

By Stan Peterson
Published January 14, 2022 Updated January 14, 2022

London, UK – The TFLOW team has announced the commencement of its presale with over 360 crypto investors already on board and $630K raised. The team revealed that crypto enthusiasts should be at alert as TFLOW, a unique blockchain DeFi-based project on the Binance Smart Chain has got tons of opportunities for everyone who wishes to get involved in both the Crypto and Traditional Markets.

So far there are over 16,000 coins in the market , but not a single one is like Trade Flow. TFLOW is the first and only utility token in the market that refers to any type of investor. Whether you’re in the crypto or the traditional market, a trader, institutional or even someone who never heard of crypto, then TFLOW should be in your portfolio.

What is TFLOW?

 TFLOW is a wealth generator that has 2 streams of investment philosophies; it’sUnique Trading Algorithm and anInnovative Tokenization Mechanism.

The Unique Trading Algorithm, which is custom built for every coin in the TFLOW TOP 15 Coin List,in a period of 15 Months, has provenly delivered from 53% up to 4014% returns. The Algorithm also works as a great hedge savings account mechanism that protects its user from fiat deflation.

The Innovative Tokenization Mechanism of the project, in combination with the development of Investment Pools that will be connected to Traditional Market Assets, including Technology, Yachting, Shipping, Energy, and Real Estate sets TFLOW apart from similar projects in the industry, since each provide a specific guaranteed percentage of profit.

TFLOW a wealth generator

TFLOW is a Coin that will reward its Holders. It offers a variety of investment opportunities in diversified revenue streams. As for the Crypto Market, the state of the art Trading Bots will offer steady returns with minimum trades, while the lending and staking services will reward the Holders. During Bear Market Periods, the Users will be able to allocate their funds to the investment pools and earn annual returns. This offers a unique balance within one ecosystem.

Early investors will buy the TFLOW Coin at 0.05 BUSD or USDT and will have the opportunity to sell it for 1 USDT or BUSD when the platform exchange opens.  This will be achieved without the price dropping, due to the large incoming funds that will be directed to the Investment pools and remain there. At a following phase, investment in any service will take place only directly through TFLOW Coins.

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Website: https://tradeflow.ai/

Whitepaper: https://tradeflow.ai/tflow-whitepaper/

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