Revuto (REVU) Project – Review, Rating, and Comprehensive Analysis

By Achal Arya
Published May 14, 2021 Updated May 14, 2021
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Revuto (REVU) Project – Review, Rating, and Comprehensive Analysis

By Achal Arya
Published May 14, 2021 Updated May 14, 2021


Ticker REVU
Token Status Public Sale Stage
Token Type Cardano Native Token


As many new projects come to life with the advancement of blockchain technology, various innovators are trying to use the superiority of the nascent technology to create new solutions to long-standing problems. Revuto was born out of the need to create a solution around mobile subscription management, helping people subscribe to their favourite services with the flexibility to cancel anytime.

As service providers do not want you to exit your subscription plans, they find a way to make the cancellation process as uninteresting as possible. Revuto basically makes it easy to subscribe and exit your plans. 

What is Revuto?

Revuto is a blockchain-based platform that aims to be a one-stop solution for its user’s subscriptions. Through the platform, users can approve, block, or snooze their payments for any service in seconds.

Through the Revuto platform, users are free from all unwanted charges that may be incurred due to the inability to exit a plan as at and when due. Revuto lets users automate their subscriptions, such that even when users forget, the subscriptions can easily be managed.

The Revuto platform also brings more value to users through its decentralized finance (DeFi) features. With these DeFi offerings, users can take advantage of products ranging from micro-lending, staking, liquidity provisions, and more. Revuto aims to serve as more than a subscription management app as it is designed to accommodate more use cases in the near future.  

How Revuto Works in Practice

Revuto runs on an application that presents all of the project’s offerings in one place. Users who wish to utilize the Revuto platform to manage their subscriptions can find the detailed pricing of most of the service providers such as Netflix, Shopify, Adobe, and more in one place. The subscription page is subdivided into categories including TV, Cloud, Education, and Business to mention a few.

Through Revuto, you will be able to use your credit cards to either ‘Approve’ the subscription of your choice, or to ‘Block’ it whenever you need to. Revuto also has an API that can be leveraged by businesses to let their customers manage subscriptions more efficiently.

Target Market

The Revuto offering is targeting every internet user that makes mobile payments and subscriptions. While everyone is welcome to use the Revuto platform, it is also most suited to crypto enthusiasts who wish to harness more value for their digital asset holdings. Additionally, Revuto is perfect for businesses that offer subscription services for users who seek efficient management systems.

Specific Uniqueness of Revuto

Revuto is unique in that it is one of its kind in the blockchain ecosystem. The use cases and the addressable market is new, and showcases a creative way blockchain technology can be leveraged by more mainstream services.

Supported Blockchain

Revuto is one of the pioneering decentralized applications that is built on the Cardano blockchain. Cardano is easily scalable, supports smart contracts and DApps. Both the Cardano parent company iOHK and the Cardano Community recognize Revuto and its solutions.

The Revuto (REVU) Tokens   

The Revuto platform will be powered by the REVU tokens, a Cardano native token that can be used for paying for subscriptions and also utilized in the platform’s DeFi offerings. Rewards are paid out in REVU and holders of the tokens can participate in the governance of the platform.

On the tokenomics front, Revuto has plans to use up to 40% of the revenue generated from the transaction fees and DeFi fees for REVU token buyback. 

Potential Pros and Cons of the Revuto Project

One major advantage of the Revuto platform is that it opens up a new utility that has not been well explored by other related blockchain startups. This may likely fuel its embrace and adoption by users. 

A key disadvantage is that the project’s DeFi offerings have many competing offerings. User’s attractions to this aspect may see a low turnout if the project does not update its offerings to be competitive enough.

The Team Profile


The Revuto project is backed by a diverse team headed by Josipa Majic, who is the project’s Chief Executive Officer. Josipa is well knowledgeable in the use of AI in determining consumer behavior, brought to life in her company, Tacit.

Josipa heads as many as 15 core team members whose profiles can be seen on the project webpage.

Potential Competitors

Revuto’s top competitors are in the broader marketplace and examples include but not limited to ChargeBee, and Chargify. Most of these competitors do not cater to vendors such as Satellite service providers, Netflix services, and more. This gives Revuto a competitive hedge. In the blockchain ecosystem, Revuto has no identifiable competitor at this time.


Revuto Rating


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