StakeMoon Completes Successful $500,000 Pre-Sale and Launches on PancakeSwap Today

By Stan Peterson
November 19, 2021 Updated November 19, 2021

StakeMoon, a new and innovative digital cryptocurrency project, finishes up pre-sale raising a sizable amount of buy-in, totaling upwards of $500,000. With this portion of the StakeMoon token roadmap completed, the creators are excited to announce its launch on the PancakeSwap decentralized exchange (DEX) today. This listing on the PancakeSwap creates huge opportunities for buyers and sellers, creating a marketplace for them to transact. The DEX will enable users to buy, sell, and trade hundreds of decentralized finance (DeFi) currencies without third-party involvement. Market forces will now dictate the value of StakeMoon, based on the supply and demand.

PancakeSwap is a type of DEX known as an automated market maker (AMM), which means that there are no order books, bid/ask system, or limit/market orders. Instead, users trading on the platform automatically draw liquidity from one or more liquidity pools, which then rebalance after the trade is complete. PancakeSwap is emerging as the most secure decentralized finance protocol on the Binance Smart Chain, with the most users of any decentralized platform ever created, and those users are now entrusting the platform with over $14 billion in funds.

“It was a no-brainer for StakeMoon to choose PancakeSwap as our initial exchange listing, but this is not where our roadmap ends,” shared Scott Ryder, CEO of StakeMoon. “With our roadmap in place, we plan to gain worldwide exposure. This is just the beginning for StakeMoon.”

StakeMoon, a Binance Smart Chain-based autonomous staking and liquidity-creating technology, saw great success during the soft-launch and pre-sale of its token. Striving to reward long-term holders, the creators have implemented a taxation rate of 15% on all transactions to discourage day traders and market speculators from buying and selling the StakeMoon token as part of a short-term investment strategy. Of this figure, 10% is distributed to existing token holders, while the remaining 5% is allocated to the StakeMoon liquidity pool. The StakeMoon tokens are not locked into a minimum redemption period. Instead, “stakers” can withdraw their StakeMoon at any given time.

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