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By Casper Brown
August 22, 2020 Updated August 22, 2020
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Social media platforms have been around for a long time now as a way to interact with individuals on a global scale. They are among the main use cases of the web offering access to digital media, facilitating messaging and calls, introducing people to opportunities, marketing avenues, and more. 

Currently, statistics show that over 3.4 billion individuals are active on social media, with over 95% of this number on at least four social media platforms. People globally spend an average of about 3 hours every day on such sites. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube are among the top used social platforms. Over 90% of the users access these sites through mobile phones. Over 90% of marketers use these avenues for brand awareness through sponsored pages. 

What are the Disadvantages of Current Social Platforms?

It is as clear as daylight that social media platforms are here to stay. Blockchain enthusiasts worldwide understand the need for change through the exploration of current issues plaguing these platforms.

  • Existing media platforms are full of bias seen in the airing of content and attaining search results. Through set algorithmic selection, the platforms choose what you, as a user, will view on every feed. Therefore, they present what they assume you might want to see according to how they view you as a person. The problem here is that you should decide what is best for you instead of computer algorithms.
  • Insecurity is the second issue to consider as these platforms are easily accessible by cybercriminals. The most apparent evidence for this factor is the most massive Twitter attack that happened recently, compromising accounts of the most notable personas in finance and technology. Bitcoin holders suffered high losses through the swindle. YouTube also has been under implications for allowing fraudulent advertisements on different channels. These are not the only discrepancies running through the platforms as far as security is concerned.
  • Other issues include collecting information from users to create an advertisement for opinions. It is an indirect way of swaying consumer decisions on issues affecting people globally or airing wrong directives to people for the platforms’ gain. 

What is Stratus?

Apollo Fintech is a fintech company spearheading the development of relevant solutions to present and future pain points in every sector. The Stratus social media platform will be the world’s most inclusive ecosystem offering the capabilities of all social media platforms running currently. The concept around it sounds complicated, and you may be wondering, “How do I get around all this?” It is straightforward; Stratus facilitates a user-friendly environment for the convenience of accessibility.

As a social media platform leveraging blockchain, Stratus will utilize the Apollo blockchain to provide all users with necessary features. Apollo Fintech’s CEO, Steve McCullah, mentions that Stratus’s platforms will be accessible through a central site and app.

Features of the Stratus Platform

Apollo hopes to launch phase 1 in the third quarter of 2020 as Stratus 1.0. The first phase will integrate the components of Facebook, Twitter, Medium, and Paypal. Additionally, the wide variety of features to expect include, friends nearby, downloading of data, audio and video calls, peer-to-peer transactions, universal wallets and accounts, day and night mode, stories, forums, articles, the marketplace, events, pages, groups, applications, retina, blue badge, hashtags, mentions, word cloud comments, and more.

The second phase will usher in the functionality of Instagram, Coinbase, Robinhood, and YouTube. The third phase, in turn, will introduce those of TikTok, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and Telegram. Lastly, you can expect the performance of Travelocity, Godaddy, Upwork, and Envato

From the extensive features stated above, Stratus will be a centralized blockchain-based social media network replacing the known ones on the Internet today. It further hopes to eliminate pain points in operative media platforms.

Upsides of the Stratus Ecosystem

  • The first and most crucial advantage of Stratus is convenience through the availability of every service in a single place. Besides being a social platform, Stratus offers other services, such as finance and banking, traveling, shopping, and others. Therefore, users can navigate through every service through a single account, dashboard, and wallet. 
  • Security and privacy are a top priority for Apollo Fintech. Blockchain technology facilitates a safe environment to conduct all activities without fear of hacks, data loss, and more. Furthermore, it eliminates the chances of selling consumer data to other entities, maintaining the system’s credibility. 
  • The usability of the system goes without questioning. Stratus separates activities according to their different categories. A user can create a different profile on each group. All the same, they can access the overall feed on the master feed. For payments, Stratus supports both crypto and fiat exchange through the Apollo Wallet and fiat wallet. 
  • Stratus works on the vision of a free ecosystem to say whatever is on your mind. In that case, it is a censorship-free environment with unbiased algorithms. Nevertheless, it will not allow illegal content on the platform for user security and regulatory maintenance. 

Author’s Note

It is a revolutionary world that we live in, and Apollo Fintech proves this point. The company dedicates itself to pushing blockchain technology to its limits providing appropriate gateways to different issues plaguing the society. The Stratus social media platform is a centralized social media network working under the Apollo blockchain and hoping to engulf all features of currently popular social hubs.

Unlike most mainstream sites, Stratus aims to bring reliability, security, and a censorship-free environment. Furthermore, it puts the other platforms’ shortcomings, foreseeing a better tomorrow for the Internet, services, and interactions. More is to come as the platform undergoes upgrades in time.

I am an associate content producer for the news section of Coingape. I have previously worked as a freelancer for numerous sites and have covered a dynamic range of topics from sports, finance to economics and politics.
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