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Thinking about a review for your cryptocurrency project, you’re at the right place. At CoinGape, we follow an expert selected list of KPI’s to evaluate your ICO. Our experienced team of cryptocurrency content writers makes sure that the project gets a fair chance to present its case.

Publishing ICO reviews have proved very helpful for most ICO’s in generating more traction towards the project. Our vast distribution channels will help your ICO to reach cryptocurrency niche.


We’ll do a full-length ICO review and analysis for your project and it will be published in our ICO REVIEW section along with other prominent ICO’s like NEX and Bitclave. Here is a recent example: https://coingape.com/nex-ico-review-analysis/
  • Once you fill the form someone from our marketing team will connect with you and ask few ICO evaluation centric questions. 
  • If you’re ICO qualifies than we will list your ICO at our “ICO listing page” along with other projects.
  • It takes 3-4 days to publish the final ICO review once the questions are answered. 

How we evaluate your ICO & Cryptocurrency Projects

The team of experts at CoinGape has developed an ICO KPI matrix, that assists us to evaluate your ICO. We quantify most of the qualitative aspects of the ICO like the team, business model, crypto resiliency etc. with the help of this matrix based on the rating scheme.

Here is a quick peek into one of the schemas used for evaluation and rating.

ICO review metric
ICO review and analysis metrics

This process helps us to identify key aspects of the ICO and quantify otherwise key areas.

Why should you select CoinGape?

We don’t claim to be different, we want our reviews to be useful not only for the readers but also for our ICO companies. Here’s how we help ICO companies:

  1. Through our KPI’s and business questions, we help you identify strong and weak points of your ICO. Generally, small mistakes like a improper token economics can cost ICO’s fortunes. Don’t be that ICO!
  2. We maintain a continuous process of communication throughout the process and we ensure only facts make there to the audience.
  3. On demand, we provide you a designed PDF version of your ICO that you can further use as an asset for your other marketing activities like email campaigns, newsletters, social media etc.

To Know More about ICO Process, please download our ICO Review kit. click here

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