TipsyCoin: The Next and Only Big Thing in the Metaverse

By Stan Peterson
December 11, 2021 Updated December 11, 2021

TipsyCoin is the latest big sensation in the Metaverse, and it has everything to prove it. The animated game created by penguins for humans is fun, original, and entertaining. Above all, it is highly rewarding for those who play it and hold onto their tokens.

The official launch is just around the corner. With rapid expansion plans into the Metaverse, TipsyCoin is one of the most anticipated projects next year and is launching Q1, 2022.

Genius at the Wheel

It only takes a glance at TipsyCoin to understand why this game is so catchy. It is cute, addictive, and with meme-like characters. Also, the story behind it is engaging, with the native token being “a mild alcohol created by penguins for humans.”

Buying this token should make you feel tipsy-like happy. And, as we all know it, happiness makes the world better.

So, what makes this Metaverse game so intoxicating?

Essentially, TipsyCoin is a hyper-deflationary token with passive rewards, automated buyback, and burn features. It also includes nifty little penguin characters and polar landscape themes. While the surroundings may look chilly, those buying the tokens should feel warm and cozy inside.

But TipsyCoin is much more than just your ordinary deflationary token. This digital asset has a great utility through the $tipsy currency in the TipsyVerse. There, players who will take the shape of human characters will use it to gamble in games of poker or roulette, or partake in buying rare champagne NFT bottles. All the digital assets (transportation vehicles, land / houses, wearables, champagne bottles etc.) of the games come in NFTs, and players can trade them and profit. There is an element of fantasy too: think flying pigs instead of birds, and fairies or dragons instead of just regular helicopters as a means of transportation.

The uniqueness of TipsyCoin comes from the team of tech geniuses behind the project. Their leader is a renowned University professor that teaches coding to students while other members of the coding team have worked in Fortune 500 companies such as Salesforce. Together, they assembled the project’s smart contract code from scratch and improved its features, including design and security.

TipsyCoin Tokenomics in a Nutshell

TipsyCoin has observed many features from industry success stories like Dogecoin and Safemoon. Instead of copying them, it aims to provide even better features and more use cases than them.

For example, TipsyCoin will lock its liquidity pool for 5 years, which almost no other crypto project does. Also, the team has vested interest of over 1 year, which means they will not sell and not be able to sell any of their tokens for at least 1 year. Above all, this should not happen even when the project hits a market cap of $500 million, because it has a bright future as evident from its roadmap.

Additionally, the project will use multi-sig wallets to give investors as much assurance as they can get. And, speaking of security, TipsyCoin has already engaged CertiK for auditing their project before launching. This means that one of the biggest audit companies, which also audited Binance and, will vouch for TipsyCoin’s safety.

TipsyVerse – The Vegas of the Metaverse

A clear example of the developers’ brilliance is the graphics and animation on the TipsyCoin website. However, they will show their best work with TipsyVerse. This gaming ecosystem will have some of the best Metaverse features yet. Also, it will have celebrities perform in their world and we are guessing: the likes of Akon and Justin Bieber.

TipsyVerse will be integrated with impressive Virtual Reality hardware and software like the Oculus Quest 2 and HTC Vive. This way, it will help users fully immerse themselves into the gaming universe of the future. There, nothing is impossible, including having more fun than in other games, such as Decentraland. From our analysis, Decentraland’s offering of activities are almost pathetic in options – there seems to be nothing much to do besides walking around, going to the casinos and attending some events. In stark comparison, TipsyVerse will feature games like Battle Royale, skiing, snowboarding, water-rafting, skydiving, desert explorations with ATVs, paragliding, and of course, very life-like slot machines coupled with other casino-themed rooms.

The TipsyCoin team has already started promoting the project actively. This way, they are amassing a large and loyal community around it as we speak. If they continue in this rhythm, we may soon see TipsyCoin ads on prominent billboards like Times Square.

Advertising on one of the most famous tourist attractions globally is doable, especially for one of the most anticipated Metaverse projects ever. And together with the rise of adoption in TipsyVerse, the world will see new records of digital real-estate sales. On that note, it is a good idea to snap up as much TipsyVerse real estate as you can during their launch, but one should first start buying $tipsy in Q1 of 2022.

TipsyCoin – A Metaverse of the People, by the People, for the People

So far, TipsyCoin looks like one of the most exciting projects to ever surface in the Metaverse. However, it is much more than that. The TipsyCoin team pledges its efforts for the community and the greater good. For instance before even launching, they have already saved 81 kids in Nigeria so far and have adopted 50 penguins in hopes of saving the species from extinction. Therefore, the world’s most influential person in 2016, Anja Ringgren Lovén, recently tweeted her admiration and support for the project, and Paradise Wildlife Park (a registered charity in the UK) did the same.

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