Tron [TRX] Killing it with New Developments, The Only Way is Up Now

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Tron is working on a progressive future as it starts the countdown for its Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) on August 30. Moreover, the addition of CoinSwitch, Bitbox, and Line along with a German bank, Netbank adding TRX to its broker account, Tron is constantly on the go.

Tron virtual machine (TVM) is all set to be here on August 30

The world’s 12 largest cryptocurrency Tron (TRX) neither stops working nor seizes to amaze the crypto industry with its constant developments. Tron price might have stuck at $0.1 as the entire crypto market goes through a slump period. But its new partnerships and upcoming launch will only add to its long-term value and progress.

According to the official announcement, Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) is coming on August 30. This event will further boost the Tron network providing it with additional capabilities.



Additionally, it will make the platform more scalable as stated by Justin Sun, the founder of Tron, the Tron blockchain will become much faster so much so that its speed will be more than 200 times to that of Ethereum. As put by a Tron enthusiast this TVM holds significant value for the Ton platform to give it an edge over Ethereum:



As the platform becomes more powerful, the projects based on the Tron protocol will make its appearance. And the more activity on its network, the more exposure to TRX and the more its value rise.

Keep on adding ’em: CoinSwitch, Bitbox & Line

According to the latest Tweet by Justin Sun, TRX can now be traded on CoinSwitch. CoinSwitch is a platform that allows the trading of a cryptocurrency across different exchanges. With over 300 currencies and 6000 pairs, this exchange provides the highest amount of crypto support.



Tron recently got listed on BitBox and Line so when it comes to the prospect of future, adding new exchanges on the most prominent ones is one of the goals according to Sun as he shared with Forbes,

“Adding more exchanges is at the top of our priorities.”

He further added,

“If you look at our portfolio, you will find exchanges from all around the world: US, Korea, Japan, India and the list continues.”

Sun continues with,

“Even with the current Bearish market, user adoption is going well for TRON. I believe people have noticed that since the beginning we have delivered more innovations than any other blockchain/cryptocurrency and have met every single milestone we’ve set for ourselves.”

There’s no stopping Tron: German bank adds TRX & future prospect

Exciting things keep on coming for Tron as a German bank, Netbank adds Tron in its Bank account as shared by one Redditor,

“I use this bank for day-to-day banking and to buy stocks and was quite surprised when I discovered that they’ve added cryptocurrencies to my broker account. The buy (Kaufen) button isn’t working (yet?) so I can’t buy any crypto through this account but maybe this will change sometime. Weird and exciting times ahead.”

Not to forget the fact that not long ago, Tron acquired BitTorrent with which they are working on accomplishing bigger things in future:

“We also recently kicked off Project Atlas, which will let us incentivize users within the BitTorrent ecosystem to participate and contribute to the network by offering our own tokens—a first in history. We have more exciting news coming out in the fourth quarter as well.”

Tron is working for a bright future and adding value along the line that will ultimately add to its price as well.

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