Tron (TRX) Gaining Popularity while Attracting Big Names for Tron SR

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Tron coin (TRX) is gaining a lot of attraction ahead of its MainNet launch as evident from the good rankings on GitHub Commits and market cap while getting a lot of support for its token swap and Super Representative elections.

Tron coin (TRX) Ranks 9th in Market cap & 1st in 7-day Github Commits

Less than 10 days have left for the Tron MainNet launch on May 31. The whole Tron community has started the countdown for the big day.

Though right now Tron coin hasn’t registered any gains despite a number of good news surrounding the cryptocurrency, it’s sort of given with the constant tug of war going between the bears and bulls.

Currently, Tron price is at $0.079 with a loss of 2.54 percent in the past 24 hours. However, TRX is in green against BTC and ETH.  According to the Coinmarketcap, with a market cap of over $5.2 billion, Tron has gained the 9th spot.

Tron stole the spot from IOTA and moved back to its previous spot, managing to maintain its position among the top 10 cryptocurrencies.

For quite some time, Tron has been considered an up and coming cryptocurrency. It also has one of the most active founders, Justin Sun who keeps on going live to talk about latest developments in Tron from time to time.

Popular on GitHub, Tron ranks at the top of GitHub commits. Justin Sun took to Twitter to announce this achievement of Tron gaining the 1st spot on 7-day Github Commit Rankings.

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Support for Token Swap & Tron’s Super Representative Elections

Now, with the MainNet launch, we will be seeing the migration of Tron from Ethereum blockchain to its own native blockchain that will have its own native currency as well. This will further boost its popularity.

For now, it is gaining a lot of support as Cryptopia, a popular crypto trading platform announced that it will support Tron as mentioned:

“Cryptopia is happy to announce support for the upcoming TRON (TRX) token swap event!”

After the migration to MainNet, on June 26, the first Tron Super Representatives Election will also be held. 27 Super Representatives will be selected to represent over one million Tron supporters. Different firms have already started pledging for the election.

Infinity Stones, a Silicon Valley-based high technology firm is one the participants. Other names include blockchain-based game service provider SkyPeople and a financial data platform ChainDD. BTCC Pool, a crypto mining pool also joined the election along with crypto trading platform RightBTC.

The election is going to see the participation of 100 entities including blockchain, exchange and tech companies. Though the election is yet to be concluded, 34rth and Aries are reportedly leading the votings.

What are your views on the ongoing updates surrounding Tron coin ahead of its MainNet launch? Share your thoughts with us!

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