Viuly Connecting its Blockchain Video Platform to Ethereum Mainnet

Viuly Connecting its Blockchain Video Platform to Ethereum Mainnet
Viuly Connecting its Blockchain Video Platform to Ethereum Mainnet

Viuly Connecting its Blockchain Video Platform to Ethereum Mainnet

Blockchain-based video platform Viuly made an announcement that it will connect its blockchain video sharing platform to the ethereum Mainnet on December 18th. This big step came after its successful airdrop to over 900,000 ethereum addresses in November. Also, by the transaction count on the ethereum blockchain, VIU token recently ranked number 1 out of the top 50 tokens.

Viuly: Ranking No 1 & connecting with ethereum mainnet on December 18

Viuly, a revolutionary online video ecosystem has taken a big next step in its disruption of the video sharing industry. It involves connecting the sharing platform at to the ethereum Maninnet on December 18.

As per the Ethplorer, Viuly’s token VIU is now ranked at number 1 out of the top 50 tokens. This ranking is based on the transaction count on the ethereum blockchain.

According to a Press Release, on December 18, the video platform will now be live. It means, now advertisers can deposit VIU and pay for ads. Moreover, users can also withdraw VIU that they earn from watching the videos and then direct them to their ethereum wallets. This huge development came after the successful completion of its airdrop campaign. This campaign involved the free distribution of 458 millions of VIU token to approximately 900,000 distinct ethereum users. This step led to the creation of about millions of potential new users that can now transact on Viuly platform.

The alpha version of this platform has been live for weeks and is receiving more than 40,000 unique visitors on a daily basis that records about 10,000 registered users. The VIU tokens of Viuly is currently trading on Etherdelta and Bit-z. On November 5, these VIU tokens were airdropped to more than 900,000 ETH wallets.

Viuly is welcoming advertisers to promote their pre-roll video ads, banner ads, and videos on their platform by making use of VIU tokens that one can purchase on the exchanges. In order to promote this early opportunity, new advertisers are being offered 100 percent bonus on any number of tokens spent on the advertising packages by Viuly.

Viuly’s referral program

Viuly has also introduced a referral program to encourage the adoption of Viuly platform and to further encourage its growth. As per this 3-tier referral program that will be introduced on December 20, all the users will benefit from it.

This incentive model allows the users to earn VIU tokens at three level when people register on this platform as their referral. At first level, 50 VIU, at the second level, 30 VIU and at third level, users will get 20 VIU tokens. Subsequently, the users will earn a percentage of all the platform referral earnings at the rate of 5%, 3% and 2% at first, second and third level respectively.

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