What are the trends in the Crypto DeVC’s? Top 5 platforms

By Stan Peterson
December 22, 2021 Updated December 22, 2021
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Venture capital fundraising is always a smart option for high-growth enterprises, in return for a percentage of the company’s ownership. Thanks to how the finance sector works, there are private equity investors that show interest in outstanding initiatives. However, these companies need to have realistic growth potential. 

Venture Capital investment has several opportunities to build a more inviting and cooperative workplace moving into the crypto realm. Aside from that, it has spawned a new trend Decentralized Venture Capital, also known as DeVC. 

Venture Capital investments into the Decentralized Crypto space  

The cryptocurrency sector has witnessed substantial growth in recent years and become remarkable in 2021. Like many other domains, companies, and services, Venture Capital funds have spotted the possibility to double its chances of expansion by approaching the cryptocurrency market.  

Increasingly more large enterprises and corporations are looking for market exposure to gain from the future advances in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.  

When a start-up accepts funding from Venture Capital companies, the procedure itself contributes to the growth of the company’s image. Venture Capital investments via crypto provide more transparency, the potential for the community to contribute while choosing various platforms to help them grow, and how they should evolve.  

With so many platforms in the crypto field, it is not easy to discover the proper way in which a good opportunity may be recognized. DeVCs are here to deliver these opportunities in a more exclusive and far superior manner than the old approach.  

Top 5 DeVC platforms   

The crypto market currently has several platforms that provide this type of service, but there are five projects that stand out above the others. These platforms provide a method for both organizations to have a solution where everyone benefits. The following are the top five DeVC projects:   

DaoLaunch – is a decentralized venture capital platform that facilitates direct connections between investors and businesses through innovative fundraising options. The platforms were designed so that they eliminate any third parties, allowing users to seamlessly build and support new entrepreneurs from any industry and participate in flexible and transparent crypto and non-crypto fundraising rounds.  

BullPerks – is an NFT platform to build the Web 3.0 on-chain infrastructure for intellectual property and copyright for music, artist-related IP, music derivative NFTs, and more. It is best recognized as a decentralized VC platform with the simple goal of allowing a group of individuals to pool assets safely and anonymously and invest them in ventures that support the project’s mission.  

Coinbase Ventures – is a Coinbase investment arm that seeks to invest in early-stage crypto and blockchain companies. They finance promising teams and ideas to drive the sector forward in a good and meaningful way.  

Paradigm – is an investment business dedicated to assisting tomorrow’s significant crypto/Web3 firms and technologies. Their strategy is adaptable, long-term, multi-stage, and international. They are always active in the early establishment phases and provide more funds to their portfolio over time. Paradigm takes a hands-on approach to assist projects in reaching their full potential, from the technical to the operational.  

ConsenSys Ventures – the top Ethereum software firm, is taking a chance. A San Francisco-based firm creates blockchain developer tools for use throughout the Ethereum ecosystem. They have assisted several platforms in developing products in fields such as banking, legal, and supply chain. They are committed to assisting businesses in transforming the world’s digital architecture into a more inclusive and secure Internet of value.  

New trend in DeVC’s: Gamification

The gamified section has not yet been touched in the top 5 platforms mentioned above. There is a good news – Lucrosus Capital (LUCA) is the First Gamified Decentralized Venture Capital that exists to offer institutional investment opportunities to individual investors.  

The platform’s purpose is to revolutionize the notion of investing by incorporating all the advantageous blockchain capabilities into Venture Capital. The LUCA team handles all research, talking, legal, and necessary approvals, while investors can put their money into promising ventures and crypto projects to enhance their growth.  

They intend to focus on the cryptocurrency industry, believing that sharing venture fund initiatives with a larger audience would be more profitable and hugely impact the whole sector. Lucrosus Capital provides unique assistance to invested ventures, allowing creators to focus on the projects’ long-term growth. They assist with marketing, worldwide partnerships, investments, experience, and graphic design for the project.  

Final Thoughts  

More innovative projects will have a higher chance of thriving in their niche and developing the crypto sector with venture capital funding. In this manner, investors will have more opportunities to select the most refined platform to invest in, as well as a slew of other advantages.  

Also, it is preferable having someone from the beginning to assist small businesses in expanding and having a better approach to growth. Furthermore, the crypto will aid in the integration and support of platforms that traditional venture capital does not wish to invest in. 

Being an active participant in the Blockchain world, I always look forward to engage with opportunities where I could share my love towards digital transformation.
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