XLM Price Prediction 2022: Death Cross on the Stellar Chart. Where are the bulls heading ?

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May 17, 2022 Updated May 17, 2022
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Stellar Price Prediciton

The Stellar Lumens network and its native token XLM are one of the early cryptocurrency projects that investors have found attractive considering that they have stood the test of time in the crypto market/industry. The XLM token is a deflationary crypto asset, having a maximum supply of 500,001,806,812 XLM with a current circulating supply of 24,797,752,627 XLM and a market cap of $4,241,828,266.00.

Are you in a dilemma about building up a long position on the Stellar token, or perhaps you’re thinking of investing in the XLM token  but you are not sure of Stellar’s price prediction 2022 ?

Read on as we dive deep into the fundamentals, technical analysis, and market structures that are currently driving the XLM price and adoption rate.By the end of this blog , one would be able to decide if Stellar is a good investment for 2025 or not ? 

Stellar Lumen(XLM) : The inception Story

Established in 2014 the Stellar Development Foundation SDF, a non-profit organization has been responsible for maintaining the Stellar Network, an open-source blockchain on a mission to create equal access to the global financial system.

With a goal to ease the storing and movement of traditional forms of money and create access to new markets, the stellar network facilitates the digital representation of foreign currencies (FX) on a single ledger.The Lumen XLM is Stellar’s native token that’s used to stake on the network, among other services on the network, and it trades on popular crypto exchanges with the ticker XLM.

Market Size, Idea Validation, of Stellar Lumens project

According to Steller’s 2022 road map, the SDF is focused on executing three strategic building blocks, which includes a boost of network scalability, innovation, and trust-minimized innovation. Secondly, the foundation looks to activate more engaging network participation, marketing, partnerships, technology innovation, investments, and community activities.

Thirdly, having a focus on promoting diversity, and inclusion by carrying out the necessary research on areas that would drive the ecosystem towards achieving a more equitable financial system and Stellar’s network effect. To summarize it all, Stellar’s roadmap is aimed at “making Stellar the network for inclusion and interoperability between traditional and modern financial rails”.

Fundamental Analysis

The Stellar Lumens project is currently in partnership with twenty notable companies, most of which have experienced bottlenecks from transaction delays around cross-border remittances in the past. By leveraging Stellar’s built-in compliance features among others, the Stellar network offers an all-inclusive access to a global financial infrastructure.

Follow this link below for details of companies in partnership with or running on the Stellar network.


Stellar(XLM)  Price Prediction  2022

An overview of the XLMUSDT price chart from a  TradingView, suggests a bearish outlook for the XLM token, where the price is estimated to slip below the $0.24 level and to an estimated $0.10 price objective in a bearish impulse wave pattern. Conversly if the bearish trends flips and bulls take over the price might see an uptrend slightly.


Stellar Price  Prediction 2023 

From the historical market structure of the monthly XLM vs. USDT, it is known that the crypto asset often makes a comeback into a bullish price discovery upon entering and exiting the level-25 of the RSI oscillator, which could bring the XLM price back to $0.25 after a possible dip to the $0.12 mark.

Stellar Price in Next 5 Years 

Since the cryptocurrency market moves in cycles, following the Bitcoin BTC halving event, the XLM price is projected to have established a new all-time high (ATH) by roughly 100% from the current ATH at roughly $1.50.

Coingape Experts Analysis on Stellar 

The XLMUSDT price chart trades below the 10 and 20 monthly moving averages, signaling a death cross-over MA-signal, an indication that the market is in a down trend.

Following the monthly time frame analysis, this may be a good time to short-sell the XLMUSDT for a price target at 0.1106 in 2022.Traders can look to accumulate long-buy positions after the relative strength index (RSI 4) enters the oversold level-25.The Stellar network competes in similar markets with leading crypto/blockchains such as Ethereum, Solana, and Ripple.


Markets Predictions for Stellar’s XLM 

Frequent protocol updates, a growing ecosystem, and exciting partnerships make the XLM token a digital asset worth investing in with prospects of promising returns.

Following a growing adoption rate of the Stellar ecosystem, with notable mentions being the Stellar partner Flutterwave tapping into USD for remittance ( Europe/Africa ) and the Peruvian stablecoin launched on the Stellar blockchain, popular crypto analysts see the XLM token trading within an average price of $0.3 in 2022.

Among such analysts include Government CapitalS’ conservative projection of $0.50 by the 2022 end, TradingBeasts’ optimistic outlook of $0.67, and WalletInvestors’ range-bound forecast of $0.3 and $0.6.



Q: Should we expect a rise, range bound, or decline of XLM prices?

Expect an upward rise of the XLM token in the long term. However, the XLM token shows a bearish bias considering the midterm market structures.


Q: Is XLM a profitable asset for day trading?

Being profitable as a day trader has more to do with your trading edge for timing entry and exits; and your knowledge/ability to efficiently execute risk management techniques.Also, if you’re looking to take both long and short trades, then you’ll have to consider signing up for a crypto futures trading account.


Q: Will the XLM price collapse if there’s a crypto winter?

Majority of cryptocurrencies see a sharp decline during a crypto winter and the XLM will not be exempted.


Q: Can I expect a rise in the XLM price to attain the 1 USD mark this year 2022?

 On a scale of one to ten, the probability of the XLM price reaching the 1USD mark in 2022 is four as the market now reflects bearish sentiments.


Q: Where can I buy Stellar Lumens XLM?

 You can buy the XLM token on popular crypto exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, Kucoin, Bybit, and OkEx etc.

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