XRP, Stellar (XLM), EOS, and Cardano (ADA) are the Best Buy Bet, Declares Weiss Crypto Ratings

By Achal Arya
Published November 1, 2018 Updated November 1, 2018
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XRP, Stellar (XLM), EOS, and Cardano (ADA) are the Best Buy Bet, Declares Weiss Crypto Ratings

By Achal Arya
Published November 1, 2018 Updated November 1, 2018

Weiss Crypto Ratings has announced its highest-rated cryptos viz. XRP, Stellar (XLM), EOS, and Cardano (ADA) that makes them the best cryptos to invest in. It further shares the methodology behind its grading system along with why Bitcoin is still a C+.

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Not long ago, Weiss Crypto Ratings announced four cryptocurrencies viz. Aurora Chain (AOA), Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), Credits (CS), and Mixin (XIN) that investors should stay away from. Now, it has provided with four cryptos that have got the best grading, giving them the buy preference.

In its latest blog, Weiss crypto ratings’ Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D. and Juan M. Villaverde talk about these four cryptos that are “beginning to put it all together,” with advanced tech and adoption in the real world. However, it does mention that they aren’t “all the way there yet,” but are surely making good progress.

XRP, Stellar (XLM), EOS, and Cardano (ADA) are the best cryptos to invest as they get the best rating of B- by Weiss crypto ratings that shares,

“XRP and Stellar are appealing to businesses and other organizations, mainly for speedy financial transfers. In contrast, EOS and Cardano are designed more as virtual communities, with each participant empowered to influence the future direction of the project, spanning a broad range of applications.”

Apparently, these four have technology that’s “built for excellence” and is further capable of achieving their goals. Moreover, during the past 10 months, they are enjoying “rapidly improving adoption metrics.”   

They conclude their findings with:

“They’ve made remarkable progress during a period of massive investor losses, broad reputational damage to the industry, and worse. So imagine what their market performance could be like once the crypto markets firm up and investor interest returns in a big way!”

In the same article, it also shares the methodology followed by them to grade cryptos. Its technology model focuses on the blockchain technology, adoption model measures performance in the real world, investment risk model evaluates volatility and downside price risk, and investment reward model deals with the upside potential.

As for why not rate all cryptos, it specifies “they’re strictly utility tokens, typically issued by a startup company or project for very limited purposes.”

It further provides the explanation on why Bitcoin only gets a C+, “poor risk/reward metrics. outdated technology, including slow transaction speeds, difficulty in scaling, weak governance, and more. Much of this could improve as the Lightning Network rolls out, but that could take a lot more time.”


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