A DeFi Wallet strives to create an Intuitive Experience by integrating Social Networks

By Stan Peterson
Published October 6, 2021 Updated October 6, 2021
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A DeFi Wallet strives to create an Intuitive Experience by integrating Social Networks

By Stan Peterson
Published October 6, 2021 Updated October 6, 2021

Diving into the depths of cryptocurrencies can be a life-changing experience or a worst nightmare. With the cryptocurrencies gaining increased momentum, it would be half-witty to let go of an opportunity to capitalize on this booming industry. While diving into the nuances of crypto, DeFi is a hot seabed you dare to miss out on. The number of crypto wallets created over the course of a few years is evidence of how the adoption metrics are witnessing an upward trend. Today we have a new competitor in the market who is striving towards reinforcing DeFi concepts, bringing information security and social networks to the forefront. 

Moreover, the importance of information security in this period cannot be overemphasized. Even though people can use many applications to exchange data, not all of them are encrypted. 

Beside the trend from Cefi, Defi and now GameFi, will there be SocialFi in the future?

The TrustKeys Super App And Productivity

Anyone who seeks to secure his data (including chats) through encryption and, more importantly, be the one with the power to decrypt such data for his recipients need the TrustKeys super app. This blockchain-built app is completely decentralized and has an in-built social media feature. Thus, making it different from other similar apps.

Data encryption has become more important in the wake of an overwhelming number of cybersecurity hacks reported globally. Hence, users using TrustKeys can rest assured that any third party can never decrypt the information they share with others. One unique advantage of the TrustKeys app is that the sender can set a timer for the message to be displayed and deleted automatically.

Thus, each user need not worry about forgetting to lock their device or setting a reminder of when to delete the message. The TrustKeys super app users can use the app to secure the keys to their crypto wallet (the app uses the bip29 standard security feature) and buy or sell digital assets from the app’s dashboard.

Users can chat without necessarily logging into their accounts. They only need to create a key and start chatting away. They can also exchange contacts with other social users using the readily visible chat ID. 

The TrustKeys application is currently available to download on the Google Play Store and App Store. The team is currently working on improving the UI & UX of the application but users can seamlessly experience the platform and its utilities. The team has also created guides to assist users on how to utilize the Dapp.

How is TrustKeys Different?

The crypto market continues to grow in leaps and bounds with the influx of more investors and traders into the industry. However, traders need to be more careful with the platform they choose to perform their trading activities. While there are many crypto exchange platforms, TrustKeys exchange brings some uniqueness to the exchange industry. TrustKeys exchange is a recently launched blockchain-built crypto exchange platform that allows anyone to trade the digital asset market with 100% security and privacy.

Based out of the British Virgin Islands, TrustKeys exchange facilitates purchasing or selling cryptocurrencies privately and securely. Traders can be confident with trading with TrustKeys exchange as its license grants it the power to operate in any region. Also, users can enjoy anonymity with their transactions, and the business is fully registered with the appropriate financial regulators.

Anyone, regardless of nationality, can use TrustKeys exchange and make their deposits and withdrawals in cash or crypto. The crypto withdrawal option is valuable since it is one way a trader can hedge his funds against inflation. The good news is that this exchange allows you to withdraw into any crypto wallet of your choice. TrustKeys charge almost negligent fees as trade fees and withdrawals without charging any fee for deposits. This exchange allows trading with three base crypto pairs (ETH, BTC, and USDT). The exchange puts in place anti-money laundering practices in place to prevent fraudulent transactions using cryptocurrencies.

Traders can trade on several digital currencies on the TrustKeys exchange (including the less popular and relatively new ones). TrustKeys exchange app is available for android and apple users. It is easy to navigate, even for a newbie trader. The trading app consists of all necessary data, including analytical tools and an order book.

All data and analytical tools are available on all the time frames. Setting up a profile and securing your account on the app involves top-level securities to avoid issues of hacking and fraudulent account activity, especially unapproved funds withdrawals. TrustKeys customer support ranks among the best in the industry. Users can get the help they need regardless of time as their support staff is always available to help.

With a built-in social network inside TrustKeys, in future users can have a good place to earn crypto by social network interactions, receiving and sending crypto in social-network way.


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