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By Stan Peterson
January 17, 2022 Updated January 27, 2022
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As Bitcoin prices skyrocketed, crypto enthusiasts around the world began to trade crypto in an almost frenzied fashion. Till today, there are thousands of crypto exchange platforms catering to millions of users each day using a simple interface that makes trading easy, quick, and beneficial. But there is one fundamental shortcoming in many of the bigshot crypto exchanges and that is its unavailability in certain regions of the world. Due to this, people often look for alternatives with an instant crypto exchange feature that is easy to use, safe, private, and completely anonymous for its users.

LetsExchange is one such crypto-to-crypto exchange platform that allows users to perform crypto swaps in real-time without bothering with things like registration. It offers a simple user interface where you can only use a private wallet to start the crypto swap process in a secure and private environment, minimizing the risks of getting hacked or scammed. The best thing about LetsExchange is its quick functionality that does not require users to register themselves or go through a tedious KYC step. The team behind LetsExchange is of industry visionaries who spent 10+ years in the blockchain and FinTech space beforehand.

Let us delve deeper into the functions, offerings, pros, and cons of the simple yet effective LetsExchange platform in the following section.

An overview of the platform

LetsExchange started as a multi-currency exchange service back in March of 2021. It supports high-speed and effortless crypto-to-crypto swaps for users that do not need to go through the registration or a KYC process. Its user-friendly interface is complete with an all-in-one exchange widget which is perfect for both newbies and seasoned crypto users. All it requires is a few clicks to successfully swap any of the supported cryptocurrencies. LetsExchange helps save time to perform easy crypto swaps no matter where the user is located through its secure platform. If you need to swap crypto instantly and securely then LetsExchange is perfect for you.

Background information

LetsExchange does not support any type of fiat currencies on its platform. It is owned by LetsExchange company which is based out of Seychelles. Although there is no mobile application of LetsExchange, their mobile-optimized web portal seems more than capable of working easily on any mobile device. It does not follow a decentralized model to limit the risks associated with automation and offer users the best offer available in the market via thorough aggregation. All transfers occur in the form of crypto that is why LetsExchange is a C2C or crypto-to-crypto swap platform. 

Key Features

LetsExchange is a feature-rich crypto swap platform with the following specialties:

  • Variety of supported coins

LetsExchange is compatible with not only the top 10 cryptocurrencies ruling the total market capitalization of the cryptoverse but also other potential altcoins that most crypto enthusiasts include in their diverse crypto portfolio. A total of 260 cryptocurrencies can be bought/sold on LetsExchange which includes BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, XRP, etc. 

  • SmartRate technology

LetsExchange team has come up with this specific SmartRate technology that chooses and implements the best rates for any crypto pair once a user provides the required data on the platform. SmartRate picks the best rate across several leading crypto exchanges like Binance, OKEx, KuCoin, etc.

  • Floating/fixed rate

On LetsExchange, users are free to choose either fixed or floating rates options to get a particular amount before trading starts. Floating rates benefit users if they want to take advantage of the volatility factor of crypto prices.

  • Non-custodial service

LetsExchange works as a non-custodial service which basically means that there is no third party in control of your digital currencies. Users are the only ones in-charge of their coins which are stored in their own private wallets.

  • Top-tier security

A team of expert developers has made sure that security-wise, the LetsExchange platform is top-notch. The web portal is end-to-end encrypted, with an SSL certificate, and even DDoS protection so that users can freely buy/sell validated cryptos whenever they want.

Regulatory details

As there are no registration, verification, or KYC requirements for the users of LetsExchange, people might feel concerned about its regulatory conditions and licenses. But rest assured, this platform adapts to whatever jurisdiction any user’s country has without asking for personal information from users. You can think of it as an open-for-all kind of crypto exchange platform that adapts according to your country’s regulatory requirements making the entire C2C service very convenient. This way, crypto traders do not have to worry about the list of supported countries and sharing personal information for any Know-Your-Customer verification process and simply use LetsExchange to swap cryptos.

Safe method of exchanging funds directly through user’s wallet

Like everything else on this platform, the deposit and withdrawal process is quite easy and transparent. But users must keep in mind that it all depends on their wallet’s capability. To deposit/withdraw crypto using LetsExchange, you must fill up an application asking for your wallet address. 

All that you need to do is copy and paste that wallet address into the application and proceed to the deposit/withdrawal process. As this platform is completely non-custodial, there really is no way to manage a wallet. You are responsible for managing your assets and buying/selling on LetsExchange. 

This way users do not have to provide their access to private keys which is usually the way traditional exchanges function. All you are doing is sending the exact amount you wish to buy/sell or swap.

Final Verdict

LetsExchange is an overall simple yet private and transparent way for exchanging cryptocurrencies without the fear of losing your digital assets. If you are looking for a quick and innovative way to generate crypto transactions then this platform is best suited for you. In terms of privacy and anonymity, this platform is unique, intuitive, and trustworthy so that all kinds of crypto users whether they have just begun their journey as a trader or have years of experience can benefit from its SmartRate technology.

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