After Bitfinex, As EOS Price Ascends High, Huobi Announces Its BP Candidature

By Stan Peterson
Published April 24, 2018 Updated April 24, 2018
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EOS Price
EOS Price

After Bitfinex, As EOS Price Ascends High, Huobi Announces Its BP Candidature

By Stan Peterson
Published April 24, 2018 Updated April 24, 2018


EOS coin is among the top gainers of the cryptocurrency community, EOS price registering a rise of over two-fold. Recently, Bitfinex announced its full support for EOS’s MainNet launch in June while Huobi exchange joined its block producer community.

Since march end, EOS price has risen over 200% in value

Currently, in the rising cryptocurrency market which has gone well over $400 billion capitalizations, EOS price is having a great time at $13.56. At the beginning of the April, EOS coin was somewhere around $5.70. Since then it has risen more than twice its value.

A decentralized operating system, EOS that is similar to Ethereum allows developers to build applications on its platform. As the market rose, EOS has been one of the few cryptocurrencies that saw a huge surge in its prices.

During the bull run, the prices jumped more than 40 percent. In comparison to its prices since the end of last March, the prices have moved over 200 percent when it was at $3.89.

As per the Coinmarketcap, EOS coin ranks on the sixth spot by market capitalization. It is also the best ERC20 token in terms of price and value. The primary reason for the rise in prices is the positive sentiments in the market as investors are looking for altcoins that offer a promising investment option with a good return on value.

Another reason for the same was the hype around the airdrop of EOS/DAC. Currently, the digital currency seems to be unstoppable in its bull run.

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After Bitfinex, Huobi exchange joined the block producer community of EOS

Recently, eToro, a global trading and investment platform with millions of users added EOS to its platform.

A potential driver for the price is also the upcoming MainNet launch that will basically secure its block production. Many big names have come forward to announce the candidature of official block candidate.

By becoming a block producer candidate, one pledges to grow the open-source element of the decentralized crypto space. Through research, partnerships and community development, the aim is to increase the potential and adoption of EOS coin.

A few days back, Bitfinex, a popular cryptocurrency exchange made the announcement of full support for the EOS MainNet. This support will allow the exchange to manage all the technical details surrounding the swap that will further ensure its users a smooth token registration process to store EOS on Bitfinex. This token swap of EOS MainNet is scheduled to take place in June.

After Bitfinex, Huobi, one of the biggest exchanges as per the trading volume by Coinmarketcap also made the announcement of joining the block producer community of EOS.

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