NFT marketplace is launching on 15th June

Published June 15, 2021 | Updated June 15, 2021

NFT marketplace NFT marketplace is launching on 15th June

At Alium, we create state-of-the-art solutions, offering our clients and partners new opportunities in the rapidly developing world of crypto assets and technologies. On 15th June, our project will reach a new level: we are launching, our brand new NFT platform. represents our ambition to collect the best features of the market and give access to all of them in one place, so both artists and buyers can benefit from it. 

Unique artist-centered marketplace

One of the features that make Alium art different from other projects in the growing NFT market is artist-centered development. Most platforms and marketplaces out there are created with crypto geeks in mind. Their primary target audience is people already familiar with crypto technologies and have lots of experience using them. But our approach is a bit different. Although we are creating a technologically advanced platform, using the best solutions available today and developing new ones for tomorrow, we want it to be as accessible for artists as possible. We are working on making the onboarding process easier so more and more creators could enter the NFT market and benefit from it. Among the advantages of, there are low commissions and rich customization opportunities, allowing artists to control their representation in digital word and organize it as they desire. 

Our core features

Core features of are already implemented and will be available from the moment of launch. We are using a secure private blockchain for personal data, so all users will be sure that all transactions are secure, reliable, and protected. We implemented Binance Smart Chain architecture, which allows the creation of robust blockchain-based digital assets and decentralized apps. 

Among our artist-centered features, available since the moment of launch, first and foremost, we should mention low commissions and adjustable royalties. This means that the artists themselves will be able to decide how exactly and on what terms they will sell their works. For instance, they will have an opportunity to choose what royalty percent they will get from their works being resold on the secondary market. For example, if they set royalties for 25%, then they will get 25% of the total amount of every reselling of their NFTs. So, artists can adjust the terms of selling their work according to their goals, making their tokens more attractive for buyers and creating a source of permanent income at the same time. 

Customization opportunities and more features to come

One more distinctive feature of, that certainly should be mentioned here is our unique opportunities for customization. From the moment of launch, planned drops will be available. Using this feature, artists will be able to make exclusive drops through the direct manager’s account, offering their products to buyers in what format they want. Now we are actively working on enhancing the customization options, and more of them are currently in development and close to being finished. Among the features, that are to be implemented soon, there are some, that are not offered by any other marketplace. Here are just a few examples. 

Artists will get an opportunity to create customizable galleries, placing their works in an environment that fits them the best way. Moreover, they will get an option to enhance their virtual galleries and collections with VR and AR experience, creating brand new forms of artistic representation that were not available in the past. The platform will offer different formats of selling NFTs, including charity auctions. Ones who hold auctions using the ALM governance token can count on reduced fees. 

We strive to create a positive environment for artists and buyers interested in acquiring NFTs. This means we are actively working on making our platform convenient for both sides. Buyers will be able to search artworks by categories, using different filtering options to find their looking. Collections and virtual galleries made by creators offer even more opportunities to discover new art. platform, which launches on 15th June, is an NFT marketplace that empowers artists to sell their art on their terms, represent it in a digital environment using AR and VR technologies, and benefit from selling their art in the form of NFT. For buyers, it is a way to acquire unique digital artwork and enter the modern crypto art market. You can become part of our thriving community, no matter who you are – an artist, a collector, or a crypto enthusiast. Visit to find out more information and discover new opportunities. There is also a contest for Talented NFT creators with a $15 000 prize pool! 


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