All You Need to Know About the Referral & Affiliate Program in Bexplus

By Guest Author
Published March 15, 2019 Updated March 12, 2019
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All You Need to Know About the Referral & Affiliate Program in Bexplus

By Guest Author
Published March 15, 2019 Updated March 12, 2019

According to Bexplus referral & Affiliate program, The top 3 Users has weekly earned 2.7, 3.84, 2.47 Bitcoin by referral program. At the Bitcoin price is around 3880 today. The total referral commission of top 3 is around 9 Bitcoin, which is about $34958. It is crazy because the activity is only officially launched in a week. You may see the screenshot of the rank. Bexplus will update the rank every week.


It is a huge opportunity to join into the Bexplus referral & Affiliate program, You can get all you need to know about the program in this article.

What are the rules of Bexplus referral & Affiliate program?

First, you need to register an account in Bexplus exchange website (Type 8y7Xx in the invitation code to get 10% off of fees in Bexplus.) after that, you need to visit referral & Affiliate program page to see all the rules. The rules might change in Until the article posted, the rules are as follows:


#1 Register an account first(click here to register an account, don’t forget to type the 8y7Xx to get 10% off of fee)

#2 Read the rules carefully

#3 Contact Bexplus customer service (see information below) to confirm your referral rate

#4 Log in your account check your referral code and link in your referral page.

#5 Share your referral code or link to invitees, make sure that they register an account through your code or link

#6 When your invitees make the deposit, you can get your commission.

How much you can earn from it?

The referral commission rate is up to 50%. For example, if you invite 10 people to join in Bexplus, each of your invitees deposit 1 Bitcoin in their account, you can get 5 Bitcoin which is around $20000 as referral commission.

Promotion Tips of Bexplus referral program

There are plenty of ways to promote the Bexplus referral program. The most popular and easiest way is that posting the referral information in Facebook, Youtube descriptions, Twitter, Forums, Reddit, Blogs and more.


We are in the Bear market of cryptocurrency. People are finding many ways to earn more cryptocurrency to balance out recover losses from the uptrend of the price. Bexplus give you the chance to earn Bitcoin for free. The referral commission rate is competitive. Come and get it.

There is more Bonus in Bexplus:

100% bonus for your deposit

100% FREE BTC bonus will be sent to clients who deposit and trade futures contracts in Bexplus. Deposit 10 BTC, you will get 20 BTC credited in your account.

For more details:


Bexplus Bitcoin Wallet Upgrade to Saving account, the Annualized return rate is up to 72%

Bexplus wallet has a new upgrade, safely deposit your bitcoin in Bexplus to earn interest. You may earn both Interest and Trading Profit. Act now!

For more details:


Follow Bexplus on:





For Business cooperation: [email protected]


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