Arbismart Review : Safe, Automated Crypto Arbitrage Trading Platform

By Achal Arya
February 28, 2020 Updated February 28, 2020

In its simplest form, arbitrage trading refers to buying and selling an asset to profit from price differentials on trading platforms. Also known as arid trading, arbitrage is one of the safest ways to trade currencies, assets and crypto.

Against that backdrop, this review delves into the world of margin trading, more so, automated arbitrage. We focus on a fast-rising EU-licensed automated trading platform taking the crypto trading hemisphere by storm.

But first, here is a comparison of arbitrage with other types of trading

Arbitrage Profiting from price differentials of an asset (crypto) at different exchanges.
Day trading Buying and selling assets on the same day
Swing trading Trading crypto assets within a specific time frame (usually less than a week.) 
Leverage Trading A system that allows you to trade with a lot more capital than you own.
Futures A contract that obliges a trader and a broker to transact an asset at a specific price at a specified date in the future.
Algorithm trading Using bots to trade

One of the benefits of arbitrage trading is its low-risk potential. However, prices change swiftly. So, if you delay in completing transactions, there’s the possibility of making a loss.

On the other end, arbitrage is best done when you have a decent volume of capital. To illustrate: imagine XRP goes for $0.24 on exchange A and $0.26 on exchange B.

You can gain two cents by purchasing one XRP at exchange A and selling it at exchange B. However, buying $1000 worth of XRP on A and selling them on B will earn you 2000 cents, equivalent to $20. Similarly, a $10,000 investment could earn you $200.

All in all, investing with ArbiSmart comes with these benefits;

  • No prior experience needed
  • Fast, effective and highly automated trading platform
  • Safe and regulated investing experience
  • High returns with low risks
  • Passive income
  • Customer service experience of the highest standards

Even better with volatility

Many investors frown on the idea of high volatility. But when you are a smart investor who can buy and sell crypto instantly, volatility can earn you money quickly. That’s because it forces crypto exchanges to keep updating prices, sometimes at significantly different rates.

With an intelligent trading bot, you can detect an exchange with the lowest price for an asset and another with the highest price instantly. Similarly, you can complete the necessary transactions at the right time, turning profits than a human trader can possibly do.

That being said, let’s take a look at ArbiSmart, one of the best-rated crypto investment platforms on

ArbiSmart Overview

ArbiSmart is a crypto investment platform that specializes in automated arbitrage trading. It’s based in Estonia and regulated by the EU with two licenses: a permit to provide crypto exchange and another for its crypto wallets.

The EU mandates businesses that want to work under its control to prove they are safe by providing some of these documents and policies:

  • Proof of a working product
  • Long-term business model
  • Adequate capital for operations and payouts to the users
  • Advanced risk management framework
  • Criminal records of all stakeholders and employees
  • Compulsory Internal and External Auditors
  • Sound data privacy and security policies
  • Proper anti-money laundering policies

With its two licenses, ArbiSmart proves it has nothing to hide. It’s legitimate, safe and clean. The permits also mean the growing startup can provide its trading services to investors from a wide range of countries effectively.

Speaking of providing services efficiently, ArbiSmart has a system built to handle exceedingly large volumes of crypto. It works with over 20 trading exchanges to offer the massive liquidity needed to keep its business growing for years to come.

 How ArbiSmart Works

As mentioned, ArbiSmart uses an intelligent trading bot to earn profits through arbitrage trading. Precisely, the company trades investors’ funds. That means you are welcome to try the service as long as you are above 18 years and not a citizen or resident in the USA.

Although you’ll need to register an account and deposit funds, ArbiSmart does all the hard work for you. It trades automatically and allows you to withdraw your profits at the end of the day.

The customer department at ArbiSmart works round the clock. So, if you have questions, contact them via phone, or email them at [email protected]. You can also use a live chatbot or inbox the company’s Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and other social media community managers.

ArbiSmart strives to deliver personalized services for a simple reason: everyone’s needs vary. They also operate 24/7 to ensure you get solutions to your problems any time of the day, seven days a week.

ArbiSmart Website User Interface

ArbiSmart features a professionally designed, well-organized website built around educating investors. Precisely, the site focuses less on asking for your money and more about what arbitrage trading involves.

The website is divided into five main categories: arbitrage, accounts, partnerships, about us and support. You can access the site in English, Turkish or German, so set it to suit your preference.

The accounts section is where you want to focus your eyes on. It features the four types of investors on ArbiSmart: beginner, advanced, expert and elite. You receive different benefits based on your membership level.

Here are some of the benefits:

Membership Est. Monthly Profits (%) Payments in BTC, ETH, RBIS and EUR 24/7
Beginner 0.9-1.2 Supported Supported
Advanced 1.2-2.1 Supported Supported
Expert 2.1-3.3 Supported Supported
Elite 3.3-3.75 Supported Supported

The Signup Process

Registering an account on ArbiSmart takes less than five minutes. Precisely, it involves:

  1. Provide your first and last name
  2. Confirm you are not a US citizen
  3. Provide your email address and phone number
  4. Set a password
  5. Agree to terms and conditions
  6. Confirm you are above 18 years

The next step is to fund your account. You can use euros or crypto to make a deposit. However, ArbiSmart converts your funds into RBIS tokens: the platform’s in-house token.

Again, you must decide how you want to receive your profits:

  1. Withdraw funds through a regular account into your EU bank account or BTC/ETH
  2. Save your funds in a long-term account: the maturity date will be towards the end of 2021

For the regular account, profits are disbursed every 24 hours at 00:01 UTC. Use the company’s calculator, estimate your earnings when you invest at any level of ArbiSmart.

The minimum you can invest on ArbiSmart is €300 or the equivalent in BTC or ETH. Of course, you stand to earn more profits when you deposit from $1000 onwards.

All in all, both ArbiSmart accounts have their own benefits. The regular account allows you to cash out your profits each day. The long-term account gives you a chance to withdraw a lump sum amount after two years.

Fortunately, you can always reinvest your profits back to the ArbiSmart system at your convenience. Not only will you earn more profits monthly, but you’ll also grow your account score and stand to gain more benefits.

Bonuses, Freebies and Referral Program

ArbiSmart recognizes people love freebies. As a response, it occasionally gives out free tokens of 5% to 15% to new investors.

Sometimes the company runs buyback promotions to help investors increase their profits. For example, if you bought RBIS tokens at €1, ArbiSmart could offer you €2 for each token when it’s running its buyback offers. You can withdraw the money or reinvest it as per your wish.

  • Referral Program: you can earn generous commissions by referring investors to ArbiSmart, applicable to only the direct referrals.
  • Bounty Program: create awareness about ArbiSmart on social media, and you could earn free RBIS tokens

For clarity, ArbiSmart does not operate a multi-level marketing (MLM) program. As such, it does not centre its business model on referrals, ruling out any risks associated with investment pyramid, MLM or a ponzi scheme

ArbiSmart Business Model: the RBIS Token

ArbiSmart makes money primarily through its arbitrage trading system. The company has a team that works on the system round the clock to ensure it is efficient, safe and reliable. Then there are the marketing, finance and customer service departments.

Together, the teams at ArbiSmart ensure it operates smoothly while also expanding its market-reach globally.

Concerning the RBIS token, it’s a limited commodity. That means there will come a time when its supply will be lower than its demand, increasing its demand tremendously. That day will come once ArbiSmart allows crypto exchanges to list its token.

Due to that, it’s a token worth investing in, especially if you also want to profit from the ArbiSmart trading system.


ArbiSmart is an automated crypto investment platform. It specializes in arbitrage trading: a low risk-high return type of trading. The company is registered and licensed in the EU, meaning it’s legitimate and safe.  

ArbiSmart offers four membership levels, each with varying benefits. You can invest from as little as €300 or the equivalent in crypto. But as the ArbiSmart website emphasizes, the best way to profit from arbitrage trading is to invest a considerable large amount of money to better utilize arbitrage spreads and opportunities for a higher profit.  

Disclaimer The presented content may include the personal opinion of the author and is subject to market condition. Do your market research before investing in cryptocurrencies. The author or the publication does not hold any responsibility for your personal financial loss.