#PR:Ariva Introduces Ariva Wonderland Metaverse

By Stan Peterson
January 25, 2022 Updated January 25, 2022

The term “metaverse” has recently been one of the most popular buzzwords in the technology world. More specifically, the relationship between the metaverse and virtual reality technologies is under the scanner. Various innovations have already occurred in this field, which combines VR alongside metaverse-based efforts. An often-overlooked sector that could really use these innovations is the tourism sector, which is where Ariv comes in.

Ariva Explained

Ariva is a new blockchain platform that offers a next-generation, a blockchain-based ecosystem for the tourism, and travel industry. It focuses on addressing the current inefficiencies of the tourism sector. Its ecosystem will help develop cutting–edge products which will help alter the existing global tourism sector.

Ariva’s ecosystem is divided into several key areas – Ariva.Club, Ariva.Finance, Ariva.World and the recently introduced Ariva Metaverse.  These areas are interconnected with each other, which enabled travellers and visitors to enjoy an intuitive blockchain experience.

Introducing Ariva Wonderland

Ariva Wonderland is Ariva’s recently launched metaverse project aimed at disrupting the current global tourism industry. The Ariva Wonderland aims to combine VR technology with the theme of travel in the cryptocurrency space. This will allow users to take in a new generation of digital tourism which allows for limitless future travel experiences. In light of the uncertainty regarding the current pandemic, metaverse and VR technology are expected to play a key role in the foreseeable future.

Land sales for Ariva Wonderland are scheduled to begin at the end of this month. Sales will be conducted via auction.

Arivaman – a brand new NFT collection

As mentioned in a Twitter update, Ariva introduced Arivaman, the main character revolved around a new created NFT series. The idea of Arivaman was conceptualised as a character that represents every segment of society and every gender.

Arivaman is described as innovative and genderless. Arivaman is a music lover, animal lover and most of all, a travel lover. Users will have an opportunity to join Arivaman on different journeys traversing across different countries in an exciting adventure.

There will only be two minted unique NFTs for each category which consists of 24 countries and 9 based on space.

The following countries are available for Arivaman NFTs – Vietnam, Philippines, Pakistani, Peru, UAE, Egypt, Switzerland, Turkey, Germany, Estonia, Ukraine, France, Italy, Portugal, Russia, USA, UK, Indonesia, Brazil, Korea, Japan, India, China Old and China Modern.

The space-themed NFTs consist of the following – Moon, Mars, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Earth.

Additionally, there is a Back to the Wonderland themed NFT with two different Arivaman designs.

The Ariva NFT series is now launched. Visit Binance NFT more information.

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