PR: Bit-Z Exchange Lists XEND Finance’s XEND Token

By Stan Peterson
Published September 2, 2021 Updated September 3, 2021
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PR: Bit-Z Exchange Lists XEND Finance’s XEND Token

By Stan Peterson
Published September 2, 2021 Updated September 3, 2021

On August 26th, Xend Finance, one of the top-performing decentralized finance platforms announced on Twitter that a new and well-recognized cryptocurrency exchange completed the listing process of XEND Token. The exchange turns out to be none other than Bit-Z, the global blockchain assets trading platform. Xend Finance is better known as the first DeFi credit union built on the Binance Smart Chain ever. The recent listing puts XEND Token in front of a new and extensive audience of crypto enthusiasts who are a part of the Bit-Z family and located all around the globe.

What would Bit-Z listing bring to XEND?

Bit-Z was found back in the year 2016 in the British Virgin Islands due to the uncertainty regarding cryptos in several developed nations at the time. After the meteoric rise of digital assets, the company rose to the top and is now one of the leading crypto exchangeswith several millions worth of crypto assets daily exchanging hands of the users on the platform.

As Bit-Z has establishments in 10 different countries including Japan, South Korea, and Singapore (where the number of crypto traders keeps on rising), any cryptocurrency that lists on this platform becomes available to Bit-Z users in these areas. This means that XEND Token which has recently secured a place on the digital assets exchange platform would now be easily accessed and traded by millions of new users who are interested in the emerging DeFi project and tend to maintain a diversified portfolio.

The bit-Z platform is also one of the most efficient and secure services which have a collection of more than 140 mainstreamcryptocurrencies that are ready for trading with 200 trading pairs.XEND Token joining the bandwagon would open doors for more blockchain activity for Xend Finance.

Effect of Bit-Z listing on Xend Finance Performance

According to the head of marketing of the Xend Finance project, the main goal and priority at the moment is creating a useful product based on the DeFi roots and put it out there in the realworld. Xend Finance aims to create an opportunity for consistent and stable crypto savings through its unique credit union DeFi platform that helps out crypto users living in challenging economic situations across the globe. Even though followers of Xend Finance have been waiting for any news on a Binance collaboration in the form of listing, but Bit-Z grabbed that opportunity.

Since the news regarding the Bit-Z listing came out, $XEND has been performing positively according to the real-time data available through coinmarketcap. As soon as the XEND/USDT trading pair became available to all Bit-Z users, the prices jumped to $0.426 on August 29th. As the prices of XEND tokens saw appreciation, the 24-hr volume also grew and reached a new level of $4.6 million. But the price correction levels have set in by the time of writing. With only 10% of its total supply currently circulating in the market, $XEND has several chances to pick itself up and reach new highs in the near future.


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