Bit2Me Pulls the Cryptocurrency Exchange Industry into the Future with Launch of New Token

By Stan Peterson
Published September 3, 2021 Updated September 3, 2021
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Bit2Me Pulls the Cryptocurrency Exchange Industry into the Future with Launch of New Token

By Stan Peterson
Published September 3, 2021 Updated September 3, 2021

The advancement in the cryptocurrency industry can best be brought into proper perspective when the growth of digital currency trading platforms in the past year is highlighted. There has been incremental trading volumes across the board as more people continue to embrace new opportunities in the ecosystem. The growth recorded considerably stretched the infrastructure of top exchanges, pointing out the need for more players with the right facilities to help power the growth.

Every day, more exchanges are being launched with existing players seeking ways to improve their services, all in an effort to beat the competition. The requirement to survive as a trading platform even got higher as regulatory bodies around the world tightened their grip on the space the more. All of these bring one fact to the limelight-that the digital currency ecosystem is still in its infancy with more room for growth, within the provisions of the law.

Herein was the underlying gap the Bit2Me exchange was established to fill. As the largest regulated cryptocurrency exchange in Spain, Bit2Me is on track to walk through its mission of helping to build a safe and reliable digital currency exchange.

An Industry Under Pressure

The global cryptocurrency industry is currently worth $2.12 trillion, a mammoth figure that has convinced global watchdogs that the ecosystem is growing at a fast pace. Backed by the upsurge in the price of Bitcoin (BTC), and the top altcoins, many have projected a likelihood for the industry to surpass gold per market capitalization.

While Binance has continued to sit at the top of the food chain as the largest in the world by trading volume, other platforms including have an active role in the space. The latter firm boasts of about 76 million active wallets, spanning a growth picked during its decade-long existence. Coinbase made an historical entry into the stock market back in April, registering its feat as a global trading unicorn.

The growth of these outfits is not unconnected to temporary outages at crucial events in history such as the moment Bitcoin’s price surged above the $20,000 price market. With such a move, many new investors swarm into the exchanges to hop along the train, causing exchanges like Binance and Coinbase platforms to crash. Conversely, negative price slump also causes a similar reaction, one of which has attracted lawsuits for Binance. 

The ecosystem has had to evolve to solve its own challenges over time. One of the ways includes the emergence of decentralized exchanges, with their inherent model of non-custodial liquidity provisions. While these are innovative in themselves, they come with significant drawbacks in terms of high fees, and a very steep learning curve.

Amidst these obvious rebalancing efforts, the Bit2Me exchange is growing, lending renewed hope as one of the trading platforms that has what it takes to solve the needs of today, and adjust to the demands of tomorrow.

A Spanish Giant Emerges: Bit2Me on the Radar

Established to inspire change in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, Bit2Me is a user-friendly crypto exchange that was founded in 2014. The company is a financial technology outfit with vested interest in the broader blockchain ecosystem. The company helps individuals, exchanges, mining pools, token issuers, investment funds, governments and institutions to access, trade and manage cryptocurrencies and digital assets optimally.

Part of Bit2Me’s mission is to provide financial freedom so that people can save, send and receive money without complications. The aim is to be borderless, letting anyone from countries where disposing of what one has earned through work is difficult. Bit2Me has devised a model that makes it serve as a connecting bridge between the fiat monetary system and the crypto world.

The company’s digital currency marketplace is on track to be further strengthened through its soon-to-be launched token, $B2M. The token will help facilitate cheap transactions, create a trusted and secure means for Bit2Me’s customers to gain enough value for using the platform through incentives, governance capabilities, as well as its role in providing tailor made DeFi products and services.

Bit2ME is Supported by a Stellar Line-up

To bring a functional product into the limelight requires the backing of key strategic partners. With the obvious strength of the Bit2Me platform and its promise to help create a freer world, the exchange is backed by ICON, Inveready, Mastercard, and Moonpay.

As leaders in the global digital tech ecosystem, each of these partners lends their payment services and technological expertise in helping the Bit2Me platform fulfil its outlined goals. 

Call to action: For more on how Bit2Me is navigating Europe’s regulatory landscape to lead blockchain innovation globally, visit their website here


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