BLOCKS — Paving The Way For DAOs

By Stan Peterson
Published November 3, 2021 Updated November 3, 2021
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BLOCKS — Paving The Way For DAOs

By Stan Peterson
Published November 3, 2021 Updated November 3, 2021

Blockchain technology has become mainstream in tech quarters, and firms worldwide are gradually turning to blockchain solutions to meet their needs. Although there is increased adoption of blockchain solutions in some sectors, other industries appear left behind. The cost of building a blockchain solution and the intricacies that come with it can sometimes be a source of discouragement to enterprises. BLOCKS exists to change the narrative and bring industries of all kinds onboard blockchain solutions.

BLOCKS Unpacked

Designed to provide world-class blockchain solutions for every company, regardless of industry, BLOCKS is a DAO-powered LLC with the primary purpose of migrating traditional industries onto the blockchain. By partnering with BLOCKS, companies and enterprises can access blockchain solutions and governance through the BLOCKS DAO.

Cryptocurrencies, and indeed, blockchain technology, thrive on fundamental principles. They represent decentralization, security, and never-ending utility. BLOCKS is designed on these fundamentals as it is a DAO, LLC, which promises scalability, safety, and true decentralization to communities and industries. How do BLOCKS fulfill all these requirements?


Decentralized autonomous organizations are quickly becoming a religion in cyberspace. Organizations that achieve complete decentralization offer their members full ownership of resources and equal shares. Data ownership and access are shared, meaning that all members own a copy of the distributed ledger and decide to add new data to the catalog. Therefore, no member has the upper hand in governance, a preexisting agreement guides operations, and smart contracts dictate the entire process.

BLOCKS is the first decentralized organization that operates on a P2P software framework. The advantages of this setup are numerous, as collaboration and security are thus enhanced. On the BLOCKS DAO, vetted members make non-hierarchical decisions on shared resources. BLOCKS is also building a platform for developers, enterprises, and projects to develop DAOs. With an open-source software stack that comprises interfaces for creating and coordinating DAOs and a complete store of governance protocols, projects can successfully launch their DAOs on BLOCKS.

When BLOCKS DAO launches fully, it will offer true democracy, automation of operations, and transparency. BLOCKS DAO will be launched on the BLOCKS Tokenized Community on Discord. On the platform, members will be tiered according to their $BLOCKS holdings and enjoy the corresponding benefits for each tier. Only token holders can participate in governance, and the tier model which the BLOCKS DAO adopts effectively increases the utility of the native token. Tiered members will be able to vote, submit proposals and participate in governance.

Another implementation of the BLOCKS DAO is the Multi-Signature Treasury, which is essentially a wallet co-owned by all the members of the DAO.

BLOCKS Multi-Sig Treasury

Multi-signature crypto wallets have numerous advantages bordering on collaboration, shared responsibility, and security. With a typical multi-signature wallet, transactions can easily be reversed as multiple signatures will be required to approve them. Also, the security of funds is a given on a multi-sig wallet. Intending hacks on a multi-sig wallet will encounter several fail points that will render the exercise fruitless.

The members of the BLOCKS DAO will govern BLOCKS Multi-sig Treasury. Through the structure of the DAO, members will make proposals and take decisions concerning the funds in the treasury, which will be co-owned by all members.


The native token, $BLOCKS, will govern the BLOCKS ecosystem. With a total supply of 10 billion found, $BLOCKS will drive value to the entire ecosystem and be the criteria for participating in the DAO. BLOCKS token holders will enjoy the following benefits:

  •   Governance: Token holders will be segmented into different tiers according to their holdings and can participate in the administration of the BLOCKS ecosystem. The Silver tier requires a minimum of 300,000 $BLOCKS, and members in this level enjoy benefits accordingly. The Gold level requires members to hold a minimum of 1,000,000 $BLOCKS, and members can enjoy the windfalls of this tier accordingly.  At 1,000,000 $BLOCKS, token holders also have the ability to submit proposals to the DAO. 
  •   Token holders will receive privileges from the strategic partnerships which BLOCKS will form with enterprises and projects.
  •   Token holders will be empowered to participate across the BLOCKS network and interact with partners and projects on BLOCKS. They will also enjoy access to the software development kits on BLOCKS, required to build and manage independent DAOs.

What Lies Ahead for BLOCKS?

$BLOCKS was officially listed for trading on Uniswap on October 30th. The BLOCKS ecosystem is looking to establish more partnerships and drive more value to the project through the native token $BLOCKS. A partnership deal with the government’s contracting space is in the works, with more expected to come. 


The presented content may include the personal opinion of the author and is subject to market condition. Do your market research before investing in cryptocurrencies. The author or the publication does not hold any responsibility for your personal financial loss.
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