Brave Announces New “SpeedReader” with Insane Performance & Privacy Updates

Published November 16, 2018 | Updated November 16, 2018

Brave Announces New “SpeedReader” with Insane Performance & Privacy Updates

The new SpeedReader announced by Brave is coming with radical performance gains in terms of more speed, significant privacy, bandwidth savings, and memory reduction. Meanwhile, Brave’s BAT is in the green by over 7% at $0.2128.

Fast and Private Reader Mode

Brave has announced a new approach to the reader mode that is SpeedReader. This browser tool makes web pages less complex and more pleasant to read. SpeedReader that is useful on 22% of web pages in general, and has even higher applicability for user-shared content (31% on Twitter and 42% on Reddit), as per the official announcement will deliver,

“First, radical performance gains (speedups ranging from 20× to 27×, bandwidth savings on the order of 84×, and memory reduction of 2.4×).

Second, significant privacy benefits, which include a complete elimination of ad and tracking related requests.”

In order to eliminate the issues of page “bloat,” expensive page loading, and ubiquitous advertising and tracking, Brave is developing SpeedReader which is “a new approach to reader modes. It delivers huge improvements to not only the aesthetics of the  browsing experience but to browsing performance and privacy as well.”

SpeedReaders will remove all non-essential content before the page loads and saving the time and bandwidth while removing ads and trackers. In comparison to regular browsing, SpeedReader speeds up the page loading by 27x and reduce the network use by 84x while improving the privacy by removing “commonly recognized trackers.”


Due to the reason that SpeedReader operates before page rendering and hence determines the resource needed before fetching, a user experience with network, performance and privacy improvements is provided.

According to the testing results conducting by Brave,

“SpeedReader issued 115 fewer requests to third parties, and interacted with 64 fewer trackers on average, on applicable pages. SpeedReader works on 22% of web pages in general, and a full 46% of pages shared on social media.”

When it comes to privacy, by applying the tree transduction, it offers threefold privacy through a reduction in scripts executed, reduction in third parties communicated with, and a complete elimination of ad tracking requests.

Meanwhile, Brave’s Basic Attention Token (BAT) is seeing a lot of movement in the market as in the past 1-month, it has risen to $0.3679 from $0.2305 only to drop to $0.1873. Currently, it is up by about 11 percent at $0.218.

BAT Chart

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