BAT Token To Rise: Brave Browser’s Chromium Support To Boost Its Native Token

By Casper Brown
Published April 2, 2018 Updated April 2, 2018
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BAT token
BAT token

BAT Token To Rise: Brave Browser’s Chromium Support To Boost Its Native Token

By Casper Brown
Published April 2, 2018 Updated April 2, 2018


The Brave browser has announced the update of its new version that will support almost all the Chrome extensions and features that will come by this year-end. This development will bring its native BAT token into the limelight and give a potential boost to its prices.


Brave browser chrome extensions support

Brave, an open source web browser has announced the development plans for its upcoming browser’s 1.0 release. Developed by Mozilla co-founder, Brave will be based on Chromium and will use the native interface of Chromium instead of its current Javascript UI and HTML.

The browser claims to come with an inbuilt ad blocker, script blocker, and tracking protector while being integrated with HTTPS. Moreover, it offers protection against WebRTC leak and anti-fingerprinting.

According to the update, the new Chromium-based Brave browser will be coming later this year that will be compatible with almost all the features and extension APIs of Google Chrome.

The most interesting feature of the Brave browser is its native BAT token (Basic Attention Token) that can be used for advertising and attention based services. Brave basically facilitates crypto-based transactions between content producers and consumers.

It has been stated that the new version is not yet ready for release, hence doesn’t have any launch date. The latest version still has Tor private tabs, brave payments and sync like critical features that remains to be added. They are also working on its iOS browser update and are in the middle of moving from UI Web View to WK Web View.  

The users of Brave will be further given the option to see private, opt-in ads soon. For this, a 70 percent revenue share in the form of BAT coin will be distributed on advertising earnings.

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Brave’s BAT token to emerge as a high potential crypto coin

The Brave browser is gradually gaining the market share with impressive names to its user list viz. Guardian, Vice, and The Washington Post that have integrated Brave browser recently. Moreover, Brave’s native token is already in use by popular YouTube Channels. It also covered popular streaming service Twitch by enabling its streamers to receive donations through Brave Payments.

As of right now, BAT coin is only supported by the Brave Browser, thought the team is already working on its expansion. With Brave’s Chrome support, its native token BAT will soon emerge as a potential digital currency in the crypto market. Currently, BAT is at $0.193271 with 3.40 percent rise in its value. A significant rise in the BAT’s value is expected to come with its Chromium update and further developments.

What are your views on the rise in BAT’s value as a result of Brave browser’s Chromium support? Share your thoughts with us!

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