Amazon owned Twitch TV accepts Bitcoin as payment

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Twitch TV accepts Bitcoin as a payment
Twitch TV accepts Bitcoin as a payment

Amazon owned Twitch TV accepts Bitcoin as payment

Twitch TV an Amazon owned world’s largest video streaming platform has included Bitcoin as payment option.  Twitch TV is a worldwide unique platform that allows users live streaming of games and the gamer can get benefits for the regular use of it.

Since the beginning of cryptocurrency boom, gaming community has been pretty interested in it’s adoption. The social network of Gaming steam was among the first mass scale adopters of cryptocurrency. Also from an economic point of view this association with blockchain and cryptocurrency is helping many organization like Kodak to revive their lost luster in the market.

Twitch TV accepts Bitcoin as a payment
Twitch TV accepts Bitcoin as a payment

What Bitcoin is to cryptocurrency, Twitch TV is to video game market

Before moving further let’s analyse why this is a big news and might help both the giants. Bitcoin is a obvious giant in cryptocurrency arena. Let’s run fact check in Twitch to understand how big it is :

  1. On twitch an average of 100 minutes accounted per day per one user and a user watches more than 14 billion minutes per month.
  2. After the Netflix and Facebook platforms Twitch is many times ranked 4th in terms of internet traffic.
  3. Twitch platform is used by more than a million broadcasters
  4. Twitch TV has wide community influence and has more than 4.6 million followers on twitter
Twitch TV accepts Bitcoin as a payment
Twitch TV accepts Bitcoin as a payment

Announcement comes amid Amazon’s interest in Bitcoin & cryptocurrency

Twitch is a Amazon owned company and it was purchased by Amazon in August, 2014. If you’re not a follower of gaming community chances are you might have not heard of Twitch but it attracts amazing amount of gaming traffic- almost as much as web brands like Netflix and Google among others.

Also, this reassures gaming communities interest in cryptocurrencies and bitcoin. This interest  faced a major set up when steam the largest social network of gaming community stopped taking payment in Bitcoin first week of December, 2017.

Do you think more gaming companies will follow Twitch? 

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