PR: Bridge between crypto and fiat is finally here

Published April 10, 2019 | Updated April 26, 2019

The flexibility of forex trading appeals to many part-time traders. Source: Pixabay.

PR: Bridge between crypto and fiat is finally here

Let me tell you a problem with the universe, it’s divided between two types of people, people who love crypto and people who simply hate crypto. This amazing company is the first one with a goal to satisfy both hodlers as well as anti crypts. For years if not decades, alternative investments had been recommended to investors whether to hedge against inflation or generate extra returns. Investors usually allocated 10-20% of their portfolios into alternative assets and were happy. The game changed completely when the crypto boom happened and investors either went all-in into crypto while ignoring the traditional investment vehicles or gave up on alternatives altogether.

Well, the good news is there is a company out there which was designed for both types of investors. The company is CCFM.  CCFM stands for Crypto Currency Financial Markets and their goal is to combine both the Financial Markets with the Crypto lovers community. Headquartered out of Zurich with two satellite offices in Hong Kong and London, this company is on a mission to be the largest and the most efficient asset management firm online.

“We wanted to create an environment which would be comfortable for both types of people” says Julien R. (JR) Schuster the Managing Director of CCFM “On one hand we are a traditional investment house, with different investment products for a variety of clientèle, on another hand we are a fully regulated crypto exchange and dealer” The reason why it makes sense to work with CCFM is because they do not limit you to a few coins, they extend their offerings to variety of different funds and strategies which regular traders would not have access to. In a sense, they created a crypto investment supermarket, where clients can have access to stocks, futures, indices, forex, cannabis, rare coins, precious metals and much more.

“Our pipeline is huge and growing,” said Giannis Athanasios VP of Strategy and Business Development, very soon we will offer some revolutionary trading products to our clients. We are planning to diversify into sports trading, so people will be able to trade on sports players and sports teams just like they are trading regular crypto tokens. All of this together with a team of over 15 account managers who are coming from all walks of trading and investment life, will position us to become a market leader in the crypto universe.

With investment plans starting as low as 1000 Euros any size client can tap into the potential of making money from a 7 trillion dollars a day trading industry. You can make deposits and withdrawals in Crypto or Fiat, and they use the highest degree of security encryptions to keep you safe. Moreover every account with them is insured up to 250,000Euro against Identity theft or in case of account compromise, so if you have not yet found a place you trust which makes you money, look no further and sign up with them, and speak with one of their account managers about your goals and how to achieve them.


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