Bridge Oracles Profess No Wrongdoing, Refutes Mate Tokay’s Market Manipulation Allegations

By Casper Brown
Published March 19, 2021 Updated March 19, 2021
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Bridge Oracles Profess No Wrongdoing, Refutes Mate Tokay’s Market Manipulation Allegations

By Casper Brown
Published March 19, 2021 Updated March 19, 2021

The growing bad blood between Bridge Oracle and one of its advisors, Mate Tokay has taken a new shape, with the budding blockchain firm refuting allegations of market manipulation it was accused of by Tokay. Additionally, the firm refuted Mate Tokay accusations that Bridge Oracle has not paid him for his consultancy services, a payment that is valued at 37.5 million BRG tokens.


According to a Bridge Oracle’s blog post, the claims of refusal to pay Tokay were based on the failure of the veteran, credited for being a co-founder of, to fulfill the terms of his contract. A spokesperson for Bridge Oracle noted that Tokay has violated the terms of his contractual agreement, fulfilling it by just about 15% and as such, does not qualify to be paid in full.

“We had hired such a key figure like Mate Tokay with high hopes but he left us only with futile claims. We know Mate Tokay as a widely connected professional in his industry and he had assured us that he would help us to expand our reach through his esteemed networking acumen. He had also promised that he would publish news with defined amounts in, host podcast, weekly meetings, and so on. But in reality, he had not talked to anyone about us, had posted just one PR of Bridge oracle and was almost absent most of the time”, stated the spokesperson.

Tokay’s network in the cryptocurrency industry remains one of the primary reasons why he was contracted in the first place, as insinuated by the spokesperson, but this influence has rather worked against Bridge Oracle, as Tokay has threatened to work against the company’s token from being listed on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Bridge Oracle Needs No Scandal To Meet its Set Goal

Bridge Oracle prides itself as the first protocol built atop the Tron Network, to connect blockchain systems build on the blockchain to access real-world, off-chain data. A similar oracle was first pioneered on the Ethereum blockchain with Chainlink, and the emergence of Bridge Oracle aims to level the playing field for the host of DApps that takes the Tron ecosystem as their home.

Bridge Oracle just had its mainnet launched, and it has a couple more milestones to hit before it ushers in its full-blown decentralized oracle systems. With more targets to beat in Bridge Oracle’s roadmap, the reputational or contractual tussle with Mate Tokay can be a drag, irrespective of who is right or at fault.

The entire cryptocurrency and decentralized finance ecosystem are still in its infancy, and while conflicts are bound to arise, a quick resolution is expected to be pursued. Per Tokay’s allegations, however, the Bridge Oracle’s spokesperson noted that since the condition required to pay Mate Tokay has not been met, the emerging oracle will likely not be paying.

“We firmly believe that condition for further payment to Mr. Tokay doesn’t meet and we shouldn’t pay under unfulfilled contract. We also can’t left unnoticed that Mr. Tokay has not only failed to provide us the promised assistance but has disrespected the contract and has also threatened us under false accusations.”

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