Buy XRP Says Weiss Ratings while Price Turns Green

By Sunil Sharma
Published August 24, 2018 Updated August 26, 2018
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Buy XRP Says Weiss Ratings while Price Turns Green

By Sunil Sharma
Published August 24, 2018 Updated August 26, 2018

XRP is making a slight upward momentum reaching $0.325 in tandem with the entire crypto market. Meanwhile, as per the upgraded B- Weiss Rating, the agency is giving a buy signal to the investors.

XRP in green at $0.325, Weiss Ratings upgrades XRP

XRP price is fairing decent enough along with the entire crypto market. At the time of writing, it has been registering slight gains of about 1.16 percent at $0.3255. The world’s third largest cryptocurrency first started its upward ascend last week and reached $0.372.

Since then, as you can see in the chart below, XRP has been constantly moving up and down between the $0.319 and $0.352 range.


With a market cap of over $12.8 billion, it is managing the 24-hour trading volume of $216 million. Though XRP/USD is feeling a bit positive, XRP/BTC is still in the red by 1.17 percent.

The current price movement might not be looking a good deal right now, given the fact that it reached $3 at its peak time. However, Weiss Ratings definitely wants you to buy XRP.

Reportedly, XRP has gotten an upgrade from the first Rating Agency in the crypto industry. Previously having received a C +, this time a B – has been given to XRP. Though not a vast improvement, but a B negative means buy at Weiss Ratings.

As pointed out by the Redditor, Markus-H,

“Out of a hundred rated values, XRP ranks first with Cardano and EOS. The B- at Weiss means “BUY”. The rating of XRP progresses from C + to B -.”

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XRP becomes a hot commodity

The reasons for this basically are the two developments viz. the move towards decentralization and implementation of Codius.

First, when it comes to Codius, it is an open source secure hosting platform that is available for anyone who wants to host or built a smart contract. This means people won’t have to build from scratch and experimentation on blockchain would be available more widely.

As for the decentralized part, a controversial topic, recently Ripple’s CEO and CTO further emphasized XRP being decentralized and not a security. David Schwartz, the CTO even said XRP is more decentralized than Bitcoin and Ethereum. Apparently, improved decentralization significantly helped in kicking up it’s rating a notch.

In the recent times, Weiss Ratings has gotten immensely amiable towards XRP which have been propelled forward with the Tweet:

And then, of course, the Binance should add XRP as the base currency Tweet.

But later on, they balance things out after Juan Villaverde has said: “My positive comments about  #XRP have been blown way out of proportion. We have pointed out its shortcomings and benefits. Again –  we never take money from issuers or coins period. We do our research and that forms our opinion.”

Making moves toward decentralization and further strengthening the fact that XRP is not a security will definitely help in boosting its listing by the crypto exchanges. Moreover, Codius implementation and wider adoption of xRapid will certainly play a part in driving the XRP prices up.


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