PR: CoinDeal: Security-focused Crypto Exchange Enters the Market with Special Features

By Guest Author
Published July 24, 2018 Updated July 24, 2018
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PR: CoinDeal: Security-focused Crypto Exchange Enters the Market with Special Features

By Guest Author
Published July 24, 2018 Updated July 24, 2018

CoinDeal is a relatively new cryptocurrency exchange whose main focus is security while offering features like mobile apps, fiat option, easy bitcoin buying with credit cards, voting for coin addition and several others to offer an advanced user experience.

Security is the priority

With the rising security issues in the cryptocurrency market, customers are increasingly seeking out more secure options. The latest incidents have only further driven the secure or lack of security for that matter” point home. This is the reason, CoinDeal, a new cryptocurrency exchange on the block is featured with high-security standards.

The whole structuring of the CoinDeal revolves around the security of the user. By using the web technology, the exchange is following  KYC and AML regulations to ensure user funds are safe at all times. But at the same time, it doesn’t mean that it would be a lengthy and hectic procedure as the exchange ensures fast verification.

In order to maintain the security of the exchange and users’ funds, the company and private accounts are also kept separate. This measure is in compliance with the standards suggested by the authorities as well.

Keeping in mind the security aspect, the team of the exchange which has previously worked on a multitude of blockchain and cryptocurrency projects, have targeted the real problems, especially during the trading period from a user point of view.

Serving the users with special features

One of the special features of the platform is the availability of fiat option i.e. Euro. Furthermore, the exchange provides an easy and fast option to buy bitcoin through their credit cards.

The purpose is to offer an advanced user experience and following to that the exchange also has its mobile app to further facilitate a smooth and fluid trading experience. By introducing two new languages i.e. Polish and Russian, now the exchange caters to six languages in total. The exchange further introduced API for users and a new dashboard for trading.

Coindeal doesn’t take its users or their security lightly and that is why for now the exchange had only 20 markets and about 18 coins. Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dash (DASH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bytecoin (BCN), Ripple (XRP), Nano (NANO), Verge (XVG), Qtum (QTUM), Experience Points (XP), X12 (X12), FurturoCoin (FTO), Deep Onion (ONION), Lisk (LSK), Litecoin (LTC), BitcoinToken (BTK), StrongHands (SHND), and DraftCoin (DFT) are the listed coins.

As for adding new cryptocurrencies, it gives the users the opportunity to choose the cryptos to add by implementing a voting procedure. The exchange is all set to create its position in the crypto industry by providing a secure trading platform.


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