Crypto Review: Start Crypto Trading Today In Minutes As A Beginner Using WhaleTank’s State Of The Art Platform

Casper Brown Project Reviews Publish On May 13, 2020 | Modified On May 14, 2020

Crypto Review: Start Crypto Trading Today In Minutes As A Beginner Using WhaleTank’s State Of The Art Platform

Day trading on the crypto market isn’t for everyone, putting hours of work in front of the screen, analyzing and watching bars movements and trying to make any buying or selling decisions can be very frustrated and even bring to unsuccessful results, that’s why we can see an increasing number of signal providers on various platforms such as Telegram, Discard, Reddit and more.

After searching and trying many of these services we found the one that got our attention the most – Whaletank.

Reviewing their website reveals a professionally designed and secured platform. Integrated with the Telegram, users can easily register with their smartphones in a matter of seconds and start enjoying all their services which include, short term signals, portfolio holdings, information about coins, realtime news and their most recent one, automatic call-to-action API, which in simple words, makes them a hedge fund.

In this review, we’ll examine some of their unique features and try to understand the underlying technology. By simply sign-in to the account, a menu will appear on the left side revealing all the current features:


A fully automated solution for Binance signals. With their new Auto-trading service, premium members are able to put all their Binance signals on an Automated execution in few simple steps. The service is operating for the last couple of months and the results can be reviewed in their live results Google sheet.


A long term holding service, gives you a simple way to enter the amount you desire to invest and will calculate automatically the amount for each instrument that should be included in the holding portfolio. A simple-to-use dashboard divided to 3 parts showing you the entry point for the amount, holdings view by each instrument and the orders for execution, all the back of the system is connected to exchanges and provides the data in real-time.


will summarize all the current info regarding your holdings, divided between daily signals and the longterm holdings.


This section goes along with the Whalefolio feature, gives you the news related only to the instruments in it.


This section summarizes and shows all the signals, we can see the similarity between them and the long-term signals in the Whalefolio that made simply for the quick adaption.


This feature was designed to collect data from over 100 sources, among them are the largest financial media’s such as Forbes, WSJ, Bloomberg, The Telegraph etc. It also follows regulators entities such as SEC, IMF, FCA. And important characters such as Donald trump, Warren Buffet, Bill gates, and many more financial influences. Even banks and their CEO’s. Nothing important will slip away from you as long as you follow this amazing feature in real-time.

The coins Wikipedia, in this section you will find the information about every coin. The list gets updated every week with new coins.

By examining the Whaletank community and platform reveals a very professional service, even when the crypto market showing unstable ups and downs they keep providing accurate signals while avoiding risky actions and therefore, providing their costumers security and trust.

Whaletank ROI Google Sheet

Whaletank Website:

What makes this channel unique:

1. The Offering:
Gold – (0.05 BTC) – two-month subscription Platinum – (0.01 BTC) – six-month subscription Diamond – (0.2 BTC) – 24-month subscription
2. The signals: Margin signals – On Bybit
Regular signals – are conformance with the most exchanges (we prefer Binance).
3. The extras and Special features: 1. Whaletank developed a special risk calculators for managing the risk (for Margin trading and regular)
2. From educational point of view, Whaletank provide market updates and graphs with description for almost each decision they make.
4. Support:
Reachable very fast and easy via telegram, also using their platform, support is available on any page at the upper right corner.
5. The results: Whaletank publishing all their results on the google drive. link: p=drivesdk
6.Whaletank is a unique and professional eco-system Which combines a human analysis and extensive range of real-time technological tools, therefor Whaletank can keep their performance at the top with the rapid changes on the crypto market. In addition, their results and transparency help them to scale very fast and developed a very strong community.

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