Crypto Trading Software, Altrady Review

By Stan Peterson
Published August 13, 2021 Updated August 18, 2021
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Crypto Trading software- altrady

Crypto Trading Software, Altrady Review

By Stan Peterson
Published August 13, 2021 Updated August 18, 2021

These days when the cryptocurrency has reached every corner of the globe turning average people into crypto enthusiasts who trade crypto using various exchanges, there is a need for a reliable and capable guide. Millions of people turn into cryptocurrency traders each day but most of them face a lot of issues due to the absence of the right tools. Being the most dynamic, crypto markets perform quite uniquely than any other financial market in the world where paradigms might shift without any warnings.


Altrady is known for its all-inclusive features which benefit all kinds of traders irrespective of their experience in crypto trading. Altrady is a brainchild of Benoist Claassen who founded this exchange platform to lessen the struggles of those who are new to the whole crypto trading scenario.

Some Unique Features of Altrady

The team behind Altrady claims it to be the best-ever crypto trading platform which is both welcoming and user-friendly especially for newcomers with limited knowledge. Following are just some of Altrady’s unique features:

  1. Portfolio Management

A proper portfolio is necessary to ensure that traders keep a close watch on their successes and failures and learn from their past decisions. With Altrady’s intuitive platform users get the chance to utilise advanced portfolio manage which includes a dashboard that efficiently keeps track of their holdings.

  1. Quick Scanning Option

With the quick scan option on Altrady, it is possible to do a clean sweep of the market scalping for advantageous opportunities that could result in a profit. Quick scan is implemented anytime by users to receive an alert regarding the market moving up or down.

  1. Multiple Exchanges Support

Perhaps the best feature available for Altrady users is its all-in-one exchanges support that allows you to trade via multiple crypto exchanges using the advanced features through one all-inclusive interface. The list of compatible exchange includes many industry-leading platforms such as Binance, Kraken, Coinbase Pro, Huobi, Bittrex, HitBTC, OKEx, etc.

  1. Customisation of Layouts

Every trader whether experienced or beginner has a different strategy that they have tried and tested but to implement it correctly, they need layouts. Altrady supports the option to create customised layouts to help users add it to their dashboard and use it however they want for better a strategy application.

  1. Real-Time Data and Alerts

It is impossible and exhaustive to stare at the screen looking at the charts hoping to be the first one to pick up a trend and profit from it. With the help of real-time market alerts, it is possible to take it easy and get notified the instance market takes an exciting turn.

  1. Analytics Trading Option

Analytics are essential for trading any sort of asset including digital currencies on various trading platforms through a single interface. Altrady is known to provide analytical data to its users so that they can trade efficiently and get better results in the end. With analytical historical records, you can ascertain whether a trading strategy can be useful or not.

  1. Support for Web Trading

At times, people do not have access to any device but need to make some changes to their trading strategy or open/close positions to avoid losses. For such cases, Altrady offers web trading functionality that can be accessed easily through supported browsers like Chrome, Safari, and even Firefox.

  1. Trading with Smart Positions

Altrady has gained popularity among new users owing to its smart position trading functionality. It allows users to see in real-time the current price and value as they open new positions to determine the profit and loss and stay one step ahead. Smart positions give traders control over their position by simplifying automatic order types and integrating all functionalities within one dashboard for easy use. The platform assures that more smart trading features would be released after the end of the Q1 of 2021. Smart Positions allow you to set up an automated position that includes buy, sell and stop-loss with multiple targets and cooldown times.

  1. New Crypto Base Scanner

A crypto-based scanner is among the newest and coolest addition to the Altrady experience. It allows users to scan the market automatically based on the Base strategy to notify about any changes and formation of a suitable entry point. This feature can save unsuspecting traders from making mistakes before they decide to open/close a position.

Available Order Types

Through the smart position functionality, Altrady has opened doors to several new and improved features that make trading easier as well as safer for new users. It is now possible to make choose a different order type while trading crypto. As of now, there are three main order types available;

  1. Limit Order

As suggested by the name, this is an order type that puts a limit on orders when used. Limit orders can only be executed if a certain order fulfils the pre-determined restriction or limitation criteria unlike market orders on Altrady.

  1. Market Order

Market orders are perhaps the simplest and most commonly used order types. Using market order signifies that a certain user has bought a certain cryptocurrency at a particular market price. Placing a market order on an exchange via Altrady would bill you with the next available price.

  1. Ladder Order

Ladder works like a scalping strategy where users are allowed to buy small quantities of transactions instead of placing a large order. This type of order is better, quicker, and safer to use.

Plans and Pricing

Considering the aforementioned unique features on a state-of-the-art platform for trading crypto easily, Altrady is far more affordable than its peers such as Coinigy. They offer a 14-day free-of-cost crypto trading experience without having to share credit card details. But clients who have decided to get started with Altrady can check out the annual plan for a 30% discount for €10.46 (basic), €20.96 (essential), and €31.46 (premium).


Average crypto traders waste a lot of time finding a platform to manage trading activities on several crypto exchanges through a simplified interface and Altrady provides exactly that by offering its services, platform, and dozens of automated tools to customers.

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