CryptoDragons Users Can Earn by Holding an NFT Dragon

By Stan Peterson
October 28, 2021 Updated October 28, 2021
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It is now obvious that the NFT market is on the rise, registering the second leap this year. In the third quarter, the total trading volume exceeded $10 billion, and some experts are making predictions, at first glance, fantastic numbers, speaking of a possible increase to $20 billion by the end of the year!

Nevertheless, even if there are no such peaks before the end of the year, the NFT has already gone beyond the interests of a narrow circle of techno-geeks and is capturing the attention of “ordinary people”.

CryptoDragons Development Head George said,

“NFT perfectly embodies human psychology. We all have a natural tendency to collect things that are valuable to identify our personalities through these items. And along with collecting, we sometimes even take financial risks in hopes of getting rich quickly”

Moreover, the NFT trend is revolving around the market right now. In particular, a new NFT project CryptoDragons is centered around the collectible and breedable NFT dragons. It consists of 9 interconnected smart contracts that are interconnected with each other through the logic of NFTs creation (ERC-721 standard) and the functionality they are used for.

The CryptoDragons metaverse will emerge from a limited collection of 10K NFT Eggs with unique dragons inside. After minting and hatching the Eggs, Common, Epic, and Legendary dragons will come together to breed and fill the CryptoDragons metaverse.

CryptoDragons Co-founder and CEO Nari said,

“The growing interest in NTFs and in the blockchain projects, in general, prompted many enthusiasts to create their own NFTs and enter the market, however, it’s not about just minting some visuals and calling it a project, the market needs some valuable technological investment. We are innovators and we’ve created a complete NTF Dragon Metaverse, where first-class entertainment is combined with a real opportunity to earn”

According to the co-founders, the NFT dragon metaverse brings to life several innovative ideas that can take the NFT industry to the next level.

Nari also adds that the project is not limited to breeding and collecting digital dragons.

We have thought up to the smallest detail. The full-scaled blockchain NFT CryptoDragons, like the dragons from the legends.

 In addition, the creators of the CryptoDragons project came up with the idea and implementation of a full blockchain-based metaverse where certain NFTs generate an earning. For the first time in the history of blockchain, people will receive ETHs by just holding their special NFTs. The most unique Legendary dragons will constantly receive the 50% of the platform’s income from breedings.

More so, the Arena is the next technological masterpiece of CryptoDragons. On a fully-fledged blockchain battling section, the winner either takes away the defeated beast or the bet in ETH. The blockchain’s transparency excludes all possible dishonest practices.

 Also, the creators developed a full blockchain-based Marketplace, where NFT dragons are subject to trade. All NFT dragons, Eggs, or even Eggshells can be sold on secondary marketplaces as well.

Undoubtedly, the growth of the market and the popularity of NFT will lead to the emergence of new interesting NFT projects. Nevertheless, only time will show how far the new CryptoDragons metaverse will reach.

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