CryptoViral, a Crypto News Aggregator launched; Join today for free PRO membership!

By Guest Author
Published December 17, 2019 Updated December 19, 2019
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CryptoViral, a Crypto News Aggregator launched; Join today for free PRO membership!

By Guest Author
Published December 17, 2019 Updated December 19, 2019

CryptoViral is your one-stop platform for the reliable crypto news from around the world. If you’re a crypto trader or just a curious individual keeping track of the latest updates on cryptocurrency, CryptoViral is the perfect crypto news aggregator platform for you. No need to switch your tabs every other second to check the news on the latest cryptocurrency trends in the market when you can get all the crypto news from different platforms at CryptoViral.


Your One-Stop Crypto News Platform

CryptoViral provides you with all the latest news and updates on cryptocurrency from around the world through multiple sources of news; all clubbed in at one news aggregator platform. You can even customize your settings to receive updates from certain news sources and block the ones you don’t need. 

Edit your news playlist

CryptoViral provides you with the ability to select your news sources according to your preference. You can turn on/off the news sources according to your requirements, thus, assisting you in forming an exclusive filtered news playlist. 

Freshest Updates from Twitter & Reddit

Researchers at CryptoViral realized that the latest news updates are often released informally on social platforms like Twitter and Reddit before any news platform deciphers them. Hence, CryptoViral formed a section specially dedicated to the freshest updates on cryptocurrency from Reddit and Twitter. 

100% Reliable Sources

CryptoViral provides news only from 100% trustworthy sources of news. It excludes any sponsored news or articles related to crypto that might distract you while checking in the real-time crypto updates.

Get notified!

You don’t have to stay glued to your screens to stay updated on crypto news. With CryptoViral, you can relax while your favorite news aggregator organizes and notifies you with all the required latest crypto news in your email. Just select the cryptocurrency you read the information on, and all the coin-related news will be provided to you.  

Keep track of any Digital Currency

In case you want to read and be updated about information and news on a particular cryptocurrency CryptoViral provides you with the facility of selecting a coin of your choice, and it will display on your screen’s corner with the other major cryptos. Your hassle of switching between multiple tabs to keep track of a particle currency ends here. 

Vote Bullish or Bearish

CryptoViral allows you to vote for the news displayed on the platform to assist other users in realizing if the piece of article is worth their time or not. You can check the bearishness or bullishness of the news just with a glance. Additionally, you can even flag certain news as FUD. An article that has been flagged over five times is taken down from the platform. 

CryptoViral – The ultimate crypto news aggregator platform

If you are a trader of cryptocurrency or a genuine crypto enthusiast, CryptoViral is your ultimate news aggregator platform to receive all the fresh and crisp updates on cryptocurrency news from. The platform provides features that help you form robust and informed decisions regarding crypto trading, thus, assisting you to succeed in your crypto endeavors. 

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