Donating For Gorillas, NFTs And The Crypto Jungle

By Casper Brown
Published November 18, 2021 Updated November 18, 2021

Donating For Gorillas, NFTs And The Crypto Jungle

By Casper Brown
Published November 18, 2021 Updated November 18, 2021

After only 1 month from the stealth launch with no presales of the rug-proof project Gorilla Inu, the project grew with extraordinary traction of community growth and market capitalization, with no real marketing efforts. Launched on 21st October 2021, the community-driven charity project made the first donation of $5,000 in ETH on 17th November 2021 to the gorilla rescue organization Dian Fossey’s Gorilla Fund.

The story behind the name Gorilla Inu evolves around the passed-away gorilla Harambe and the MEMEs of a monument set up to his respects on Wall Street. The name Gorilla Inu was chosen and the project launched just a few days after those same events. A lot of retail stock traders ($AMC and $GME retail traders) and crypto enthusiasts are aware of those events and are supporting the cause and donating themselves to some of the charity organizations that are saving gorillas and apes. And the Gorilla Inu project gives it another push from a different perspective. From the crypto perspective.

The anonymous team behind the Gorilla Inu project, has locked 100% of the Uniswap Liquidity pool and 50% of total token supply for 1 Year, to make the project rug-proof, manipulation-proof and safe for long term investors.

The tokenomics model of the Gorilla Inu project incentivices the long-term investor to hold the tokens for the long haul, be rewarding them every day with additional Gorilla Inu tokens, which come from the 10% transactions fee, that is splitted in two parts: the first part of 9% is automaticaly burned, and the second part of 1% is distributed back to the investors wallets as rewards for holding. This smart mechanism allows the token holders to increase the value of their investments by simply holding the token as the total token supply is slowlly burning away and the balances in their wallets are increased by the additional rewards from the transaction fee.

The Gorilla Inu project recently successfully completed their Smart Contract Security Audit, from a respectable Audit firm TechRate, that is publicly accessible in their GitHub repository.

The project Gorilla Inu has a strong and active community following, which is growing rapidly and is planning on continously donate at least $5,000 every month to a different ape rescue non-profit organization, voted by the community on reddit, telegram and twitter. And this also makes the project so special and different from others – almost every aspect of the project is voted and driven by community (even the 100% liquidity lock and 50% total supply lock for 1 year was suggested and implemented on community wish and can be searched for in chats). The team will renounce the contract after community decides what to do with the locked supply, and hand the project to community. The project which is listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko among other popular crypto websites, will release utility features in the near future, which will involve innovative and new use cases for NFTs, as well as the classic art NFTs designed by community which will be traded among community members and outside investors.

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